A Bit of Martha/Mickey Fluff

Title: The Proposal
Author: Bobsyeruncle
Summary: Mickey Smith proposes to Martha Jones with a little help from their friends.
Genre/Rating: Fluff Romance; Rated Teen for suggestive language/imagery.
Characters/Parings: Martha Jones & Mickey Smith, The Torchwood Crew: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams
Completed: 705 words
Author's Notes:No Infringement intended, and Thank you Boyz II Men

Story Inspired by this tune:


1913 Crossover with Downton Abbey and Clara Oswald

Title: Clara Oswald and the Colored Lady Doctor
Genre: Alternate Universe/Crossover
Summary:Fifteen-year-old Clara Oswald, scullery maid and the niece of the butler at Farringham Academy, had heard the stories of her Great-Aunt Clara and the Doctor in the Blue Box, but she never expected to have her own adventure. Then one day, she tipped the kettle.... Human Nature/Family of Blood crossover with Downton Abbey and Clara Oswald.
Characters/Pairings: John Smith (Tenth Doctor) and Joan Redfern; Clara Oswald and Timothy Latimer (friendship), Martha Jones and Doctor Matthew Crawley (friendship).
Author's Notes: The Characters in this story express archaic ethnic stereotypes ideology and terms--to suit the time period. Martha has the opportunity to use her training. No infringement intended and all disclaimers apply.
Story completed. Two Chapters, 10,961 words
clara and the 12th doctor

Fic: Regrets

Author: vonnie1019
pairing: 11/Martha
Summary: After taking the Ponds home, the Doctor goes back to the TARDIS and during one of he trips, he meets a woman who had deserved better.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, just borrowing the characters
Author's Notes: This is my first 11/Martha story. I'm nervous about this one because I've never written a fic about Eleven. I just hope he's in character so I really need feedback. Feedback is good :)

* * *

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clara and the 12th doctor

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I was wondering if it's okay to post an Eleven/Martha fanfic here. I've been doing a lot of experimenting with what if Martha met Eleven. It's my first story about them and I've already finished it. Let me know.
clara and the 12th doctor

Fic: I Have Something To Say

Title: I Have Something To Say
Author: vonnie1019
Pairing: Ten/Martha
Summary: An alternate ending to "Last of the Time Lords" Martha saved the world and now she must say goodbye
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who.
Author's Notes: This my first fic. I hope everyone likes it and feedback would make me very, very happy!

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Fan Fiction Challenge: Martha Jones and the Gallifreyan

The Challenge is to create a story about Martha Jones (with or without husband Mickey Smith--With gets extra points!), a Gallifreyan survivor of the Time War, and the Doctor (any era). The story can be of any genre and era. The Gallifreyan character(s) cannot be a Time Lord, but can possess any of the attributes associated with the species.

For species guide I would use This or This as a guide, but if you have other sources for canon, or want to make up your own, feel free to do so.

Have fun!
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