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The Martha Jones Community
The Journey of Martha Jones: Footsteps Project Master List 
26th-May-2008 11:00 pm
DW - River - shoes - eatingapeach.png

Welcome to the Master List of all "The Journey of Martha Jones: Footsteps Project" contributions. Read, enjoy and don't forget to leave the contributors some love.

Smith & Jones

Counting Stars by ladysarahii
Smith & Jones: A Review by persiflage_1
Banner and Icon by mancalahour

The Shakespeare Code

Icons by lafemmedarla
Four "The Shakespeare Code" fics by persiflage_1
Eavesdropping in the Globe by dirgni19
la_esmeralda with a Favorite TSC Martha Moment poll


Abide With Me: Fragmented Observations by radiantbaby (PG)
Gallifrey by persiflage_1 (Ten/Martha | PG)
la_esmeralda with a Best Martha "Gridlock" Moments poll

Daleks in Manhattan

_carly_ has 20 icons

Evolution of the Daleks

laura_luvage banners and wallpapers
Later by persiflage_1 (Ten/Martha | NC-17)
la_esmaralda with the Best Martha DiM/EotD Moments

The Lazarus Experiment

la_esmeralda with The Best Martha "The Lazarus Experiment" Moment

The Infinite Quest

staceyuk with banners and icons
Heart's Desire by persiflage_1 (Martha, Ten | G)

Sting of the Zygons

lowbatterie has Sting of the Zygons Art

The Last Dodo

ionlylurkherewith a critique and short fic


gruaig_rua with a critique and fic: Choices
persiflage_1 with a list of her "42" inspired fic

If for some reason we miss a contribution, please leave us a comment and it will be added in ASAP.
28th-Jun-2008 11:27 pm (UTC) - Mod Announcement
This is being finalised on Monday the 30th of June, once finalised this comment will be removed and any entries missed please report them.
LoM-Mod Team