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Martha Jones: Awesome

I posted this to my LJ a few hours ago, and drakyndra prompted me to share it here as well.

So, there's a new anonmeme.  And it's pretty fail as anonmemes go, by which I mean that no one's talking about me, and I haven't no one has written Ood porn yet.  Also, there are anti-Freema trolls saying that Marthafen cannot possibly give reasons why Martha is awesome, without resorting to Rose bashing.

And obviously one should never pay attention to the ramblings of anonymice (unless I'm they're writing Ood porn), but it did sound like a challenge, plus a useful opportunity to make a macro, demonstrate my obnoxious optimism, etc.



Reasons Why Martha Is Awesome, Without Resorting To Cheap Shots At Other Companions

by LizBee

1.  She's the peacemaker of the family, and the one that everyone comes to with their problems.
1a. But she doesn't let the ridiculousness of her family pass without snark.

2.  She's a high achiever, and obviously gets it from her mother (who is plainly ambitious for her children), but still has a sense of fun. 

3.  She keeps a cool head, and is observant.

4.  She saved the world with words -- twice.  In "The Shakespeare Code", and on a much vaster scale in "Last of the Time Lords".

5.  She may not be a geek in the sense of belonging to fandom, but she clearly has nerdish tendencies.  Examples:
- referencing Ray Bradbury and Harry Potter in "The Shakespeare Code"
- has watched submarine movies
- is full of random and useful facts, and can apply them in unexpected situations, for example: connecting the twelve fourteen lines of a sonnet to the twelve fourteen sides of the Globe theatre.  Classic sign of a person who is well-read and possesses a retentive mind.  See also: knowing random physics things in "Reset".

6.  Falls in love fast and hard, but doesn't lose her head.

7.  In the most desperate and degrading of situations (eg "Human Nature/FoB", LotTL), doesn't lose sight of who she is, where she comes from and what she wants.
7i.   Doesn't lose her sense of humour, either. 
7ii.  Said sense of humour can be brilliantly deadpan, eg, "I've met Shakespeare."
7a.  Can walk away from a bad situation when she can no longer compromise.
7a i. Some might say that her willingness to try compromising is a sign of low self-esteem, but I think it's maturity.  Low self-esteem would be if she stayed without even trying to compromise, and gave up her own identity and ambitions in the process.  Having said that, her interactions with her family make me think she has had self-esteem problems in her youth, which is why she doesn't mince words in "Gridlock" when she thinks the Doctor is giving her the rebound tour.  It's that friction between compromise and self-actualisation that makes Martha really interesting to me.

8.  She has the same ultimate arc as Sarah Jane, Romana and Ace, which is to say she is essentially apprenticed to the Doctor, and there comes a point where she needs to move on and do it herself.
8a.  But she's also similar to Liz Shaw and Grace Holloway, both characters who were halfway there on their own.  Neither character really functioned properly as companions (which is not to diss either, it's just that they weren't quite cut from the right mould).  It's probably not coincidental that Liz, Grace and Martha are all doctors in their own right.
8a i. I think this means that, once Martha's issues with the Doctor are resolved in season 4, we won't be seeing her as a regular companion again.  She'll probably keep coming back, to the mothership and spin-offs, but there's no point in keeping a character in the apprentice position after she's outgrown it.

9.  She was never just a passenger.

10.  She's an adult, with a career ahead of her, and a flat and a car and a wardrobe of proper grown-up clothes, but she can still have fun like a child.  She has a vast capacity for joy, and doesn't lose it.  It's a really wonderful, rare quality, and I love her for it.
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