Scarlett Girl (scarlettgirl) wrote in lifeonmartha,
Scarlett Girl

1,000 Drabbles of Awesome Weekend Challenge

Can you believe it? We are up 680 Drabbles of AWESOME! 28 pages of ficcy goodness gathered into one lovely clump for your reading pleasure. Mmmm....

As we are getting closer to our goal of 1,000, now is the time to gird our loins and look after those sad little prompts that have never found a home. Since the prompt/cheering post is over 1,000 entries *blanche* I'm going to ask all of our writers to find one of their own prompts that was never adopted and give it some love. If all of your prompts have been fulfilled consider this a free write - anything that pops into your head, spin a couple of words around it and share it with the comm.

You guys have been great , only 320 drabbles until we hit our goal. Fantastic.

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