Scarlett Girl (scarlettgirl) wrote in lifeonmartha,
Scarlett Girl

To Archive or Not To Archive....

That isn't a serious question, is it? We've had several lifeonmartha members suggest we do a general post requesting all of our drabble authors to consider archiving their little bits of goodness at A Teaspoon and An Open Mind or even, if that's more your style. Teaspoon has a super-easy interface and is the go-to place for DW fic. It would be lovely to see all of these amazing drabbles archived for future reading - and for fans who aren't members of lifeonmartha. Post them individually, group them, however you like, but let's spread the awesome!

And speaking of which, we are only SIX drabbles away from 400...only 106 drabbles from the halfway mark...

Need some inspiration? Check out the fabulous prompts on the Sound of Music Drabble Challenge Challenge thread. Truly brilliant (and crackalicious) stuff to be had there.
Tags: 1000 drabbles of awesome

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