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1,000 Drabbles of Awesome!!!

The 1,000 Drabble Challenge is Now Closed.
Drabbles will no longer be accepted in this post.

Congratulations to all of our 1,000 Drabble of Awesome participants!

To celebrate the awesome milestone of reaching 1,000 members (go team lifeonmartha!) we're hosting the first ever "1,000 Drabbles of Awesome" drabble tag. For those who've never played, drabble tag is a fun, crazy, addictive writing game. First, I'll post five prompts to get us started. Take a look at the prompts and come up with a drabble based on the prompt. Post your drabble in comments and add a new prompt that you'd like someone to write for you. And it goes on and on and on until we hit 1,000. Doesn't it sound like an Awesome way to celebrate the big 1,000?

Drabble Tag RulesCollapse )

Now, here's some prompts to get you started:

PromptsCollapse )

Are you ready to help make lifeonmartha history? Come's only 100 words! Anyone can do it!

Now, on your mark, get set....GO!
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