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The Martha Jones Community
1,000 Drabbles of Awesome!!! 
6th-Nov-2007 07:11 am
DW - River - shoes - eatingapeach.png
The 1,000 Drabble Challenge is Now Closed.
Drabbles will no longer be accepted in this post.

Congratulations to all of our 1,000 Drabble of Awesome participants!

To celebrate the awesome milestone of reaching 1,000 members (go team lifeonmartha!) we're hosting the first ever "1,000 Drabbles of Awesome" drabble tag. For those who've never played, drabble tag is a fun, crazy, addictive writing game. First, I'll post five prompts to get us started. Take a look at the prompts and come up with a drabble based on the prompt. Post your drabble in comments and add a new prompt that you'd like someone to write for you. And it goes on and on and on until we hit 1,000. Doesn't it sound like an Awesome way to celebrate the big 1,000?

Drabble Tag Rules

Now that you have the gist, here are the specific rules:

1. For the purpose of the challenge we're going to be flexible on the definition of "drabble". The fic can be just under or just over 100 words. Don't stress yourself out trying to cut 15 words out of your drabble to make the word count.

2. Because we want to hit this number hard, we'll be doing the version of drabble tag where anyone can grab the prompt and write. If we get more than one response to a prompt well, viva la difference!

3. When posting, note who the prompt is from. For example "Martha finds the Doctor's stash of porn for scarlettgirl"

4. At the bottom of your drabble, add up to four prompts you’d like to see someone take on. If you have less than four, that’s fine too.

5. Because we want to watch the numbers PLEASE post ONLY the drabbles in this thread. We'll make a separate post ("The Cheering Section") for leaving feedback if you're so inclined. Also, if you're not interested in writing but have a few prompts, you can drop them in The Cheering Section post for inspiration. If you have any questions about the 1,000 Drabbles of Awesome, post them in The Cheering Section as well. We want this post to contain 1,000 Drabbles exactly. Because that would be awesome.

Now, here's some prompts to get you started:


1. Martha calls her dad - but gets Annalise instead

2. Martha meets Ianto - who used to date her cousin Adeola.

3. Martha asks the Doctor what happened to The Family.

4. Martha has an itch she just can't scratch - and asks the Doctor for help (take that any way you'd like!)

5. Owen and Martha agree on a diagnosis - much to their surprise.

Are you ready to help make lifeonmartha history? Come on...it's only 100 words! Anyone can do it!

Now, on your mark, get set....GO!
6th-Nov-2007 12:54 pm (UTC)
Number 4.

Scratching the Itch.

"Mmm, yes, just there. Yes, yes, yes! oh god!" said Martha.

"You called my name, hmmm?" replied the Doctor cheekily.

"I guess I did. Oh keep going. Don't you dare..."

"Stop?" said the Doctor, pulling back from her to admire his view. He smiled then stopped, realising how wrong he was to lead her on like this.

"Martha, I can't do this. I know you want it and I know I want to do it. I mean I know there's nothing nicer than it. but you know as well as I do that Chicken Pox needs calamine lotion not my fingernails."

My prompt - Martha doing an alien autopsy.
6th-Nov-2007 01:12 pm (UTC)
4. Martha has an itch she just can't scratch - and asks the Doctor for help (take that any way you'd like!)From initial list of prompts by scarlettgirl

Martha's chasing...something.

Well, that isn't strictly true. The Something has a name, but as it shuffles arounds the pine tree once more with a sock half up one over-large nostril and wrapping paper covering its mouth, whether she calls it 'Ilam' or 'Ilum' suddenly doesn't matter so much.

Martha waits.

Then she sees what it is trampling on.

'Doctor!' And then holds a hand in front of her mouth.

He appears with glasses on sideways and trousers slightly scuffed.

'Martha, couldn't it wait? I have...ah'.

She holds her glass of wine in one hand and the smashed massage machine in the other, while the Ilum hides under the tree and tries to pull the sock out with one over-large paw.

'You promised!'

1. Martha's persuaded the Doctor into Xmas with her and her family. Can he do it without mentioning Rose?

2. Doctor Eleven. The Master reborn. Dr. Jones, head of UNIT.

3. Martha meets Rose.

4. Martha. Donna. The TARDIS. The Doctor is wishing the Master had accepted his offer...

6th-Nov-2007 01:35 pm (UTC)
For yuxonomei: Martha doing an alien autopsy...sort of. ;)

“You want me to do what?” Martha looked at the Doctor as if he were something she had scraped off the bottom of her shoe. The item she actually had scraped off the bottom of her shoe wiggled in his hand.

“You just need to give it a poke there,” The Doctor pointed to the center of the gelatinous mass, “and then flick your scalpel like this…” he gave the silver instrument a deft spin, “and voila!”

“Doctor, I know how to do it, I’m just saying I’m not going to do it.”

“Shame,” he said, flicking his wrist and popping the mass into his mouth. “Last time I take you wading in the Oyster Flats of Siluvia!”


1. Martha buys new shoes

2. Martha finds out she's and Aunt

3. The Doctor finds Martha's blackberry
6th-Nov-2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
'Doctor Eleven. The Master reborn. Dr. Jones, head of UNIT.' For dancesontrains (Eleven is the Curse of Fatal Death version)

“But I’ve already got a scientific advisor.”

“Maybe you could do with another one. Um. I promise she’ll behave herself. She doesn’t really have much choice. ” The Doctor was fiddling with her nameplate. He was a bit like that, this new regeneration; a bit shy around women. Especially, as it turned out, the Master. Martha looked at her prospective new employee. Hadn’t quite got the hang of lipstick yet, but that was what you got for changing sex just to spite your arch-enemy.

“I’m not having ‘The Master’ on the staff roster,” she said. “You can be Jane Smith and like it. Welcome to UNIT.”

1. The Doctor returns at an inconvenient moment.
2. A Jones family wedding.
3. Martha finds a particularly strange or beautiful spot in the TARDIS.
4. Martha gets invited to apply for UNIT.
6th-Nov-2007 02:25 pm (UTC)
For doyle_sb4 Martha gets invited to apply for UNIT.

“What’s that?” Jack motioned to the creamy cardstock in her hands.

“It’s an invitation, a recruitment event I guess,” said Martha. “U.N.I.T. Ever head of them?”

“U.N.I.T.? Bunch of military tossers,” sneered Owen. “With their poncy uniforms and “don’t play with he equipment, Mr. Harper” and “the support staff are not to be ogled, Mr. Harper.”

Martha and Jack grinned.

“But the kicker was the alien tech. There they are sitting on all this amazing stuff and they don’t let you touch it. Where’s the fun in that?”

Martha tucked the invitation into her pocket. Any place that managed to quash Owen Harper had definite employer potential.

Prompt - Martha meets K9

6th-Nov-2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
For doyle_sb4: The Doctor returns at an inconvenient moment.

The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS doors and stopped in mid step as he took in the sight in front of him. His companion, Martha Jones was in the shower with her back to him. He couldn't stop staring as the water ran down her body along with the shampoo in her hair.

Martha turned around and squeaked in surprise. "Doctor!" she yelped, looking embarrassed. "Get out!" She punctuated her order by throwing a wet sponge, the soap and a half full shampoo bottle at him over the shower door. He rubbed his shoulder where the shampoo landed.

"Ow! Martha Jones, have I got an adventure for you."

"Out! Now!"


The Doctor and Martha watch a horror movie.
Martha ends up in the audience of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
6th-Nov-2007 03:25 pm (UTC) - 4. Martha. Donna. The TARDIS. The Doctor is wishing the Master had accepted his offer...
4. Martha. Donna. The TARDIS. The Doctor is wishing the Master had accepted his offer... (for dancesontrains)

"Now he's doing the puppy-dog eyes! I told you about the puppy-dog eyes, didn't I? Every. Single. Time."

Martha nods. "Yes! And then there are no clean mugs and you just want a cup of instant coffee in the morning-"

"And he's all, oh I'll take you to this la-di-da place somewhere out on Mars where they make the best coffee ever and when you get there there're all these Martians trying to kill each other and no coffee."

"So you'll settle for a cup of tea when you finally get back to the TARDIS, but are there any clean cups?"

"Nope. Because he never, ever does the washing-up. Ever," says Donna.

"He just expects to the TARDIS to clean up after him all the time."

There's a flickering of lights across the walls and Martha folds her arms and cocks an eyebrow. "Guess she agress with us then," she says.

The Doctor's sataring at the pair of them, painfully aware of his slack-jawed expression, and remembers how, whatever his faults, the Master never ever complained about him not doing the washing-up.


1. Martha and the Rani.

2. Martha meets Two.

3. Space pirates!

4. Martha becomes a ninja.
6th-Nov-2007 03:40 pm (UTC) - The Doctor and Martha watch a horror movie.
The Doctor and Martha watch a horror movie. (for jadekirk)

"Y'know, in an alternate life, I looked like him," the Doctor tells her, whispering like it's some sort of secret.

"Van Helsing?" Martha asks. Van Helsing, played by Grand Moff Tarkin, as far as she's concerned.

"Yeah, well, Peter Cushing, anyway. He's great, isn't he? Have you seen this before by the way? Cause the bit where he-"

"No, I haven't, so shusht."

The Doctor sniffs. "I thought you weren't really paying attention anyway. Too old-fashioned. Not enough blood and gore and frights."

"I don't mind that, Doctor. It's not as though real life is short of frights and blood and all the rest of it."

"Right. Right." He settles back into his seat and is still and silent for all of five seconds. "How'd you like to meet some real vampires? Not the really nasty sort, that'd be a bit dangerous, but there're some colonies in the twenty-seventh century that have maanged a sort of trade-for-blood-we'll-not-eat-your-citiziens peace with the Earth Empire."

Martha stares at him, then reaches into her bucket of popcorn, takes out a piece and throws it at him.

"Hey!" He looks genuinely affronted and Martha grins.

"And that's what'll happen every time you interrupt the film from now on," she says.

The Doctor frowns, snatches a handful of popcorn from her bucket and fixes his eyes on the screen, chewing in a sulky silence.


1. Martha/Zoe

2. Martha becomes Prime Minister
6th-Nov-2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
For scarlettgirl: Martha buys new shoes.

The Doctor, bless him, wanted a new pair of Converse in lime. Shame that lime, on Conja Major, was about as offensive as hacking off a limb, and a lot more painful.

Martha groaned as the boutique owner lifted a weapon. Gazing at the abundant footwear, she supposed it wasn’t such a bad place to die. She considered offering to buy the entire collection in exchange for her life, but then –

The Doctor crashed in, looking panicked. “Forest green!” he panted. “I meant forest green, Martha. Did you know, the mere mention of lime is enough to –“

An alarm sounded, and the manager was off after the Doctor. Martha felt slightly relieved. She’d told him it really wasn’t his colour.
6th-Nov-2007 04:16 pm (UTC) - 3. Martha finds a particularly strange or beautiful spot in the TARDIS (doyle_sb4)
Martha lay on her back in the grass, staring up at the sky which was spanned by three rainbows - one was the traditional sort, such as she'd seen dozens of times before on Earth. The second was a mixture of blues and purples, whilst the third ran the colour spectrum from a lemon yellow through orange to a very deep red. The TARDIS hummed gently around her, making her feel safe and loved, and her nightmare of falling into a living sun was beginning to recede.

Unseen, the Doctor watched his Companion from the doorway, grateful to have saved her and that she had saved him, and grateful that the TARDIS was looking out for her.


Martha meets Benny Summerfield
Martha meets the Seventh Doctor
The Horsehead Nebula
Martha's secret addiction
6th-Nov-2007 05:15 pm (UTC) - Martha buys new shoes
1. Martha buys new shoes (for scarlettgirl)

The problem was that Martha liked pretty shoes: bright colours, delicate embroidery, heels. She really, really liked heels.

"Well, if you're used to them, they don't really slow you down that much," tried the Doctor, only to be met by a glare as Martha pulled off a pair of gorgeous, but utterly impractical red leather boots.

"Right, because you've got such extensive experience of walking in stilettos."

The Doctor shrugged. "I've travelled with a lot of people who insisted on wearing the most absurd shoes for running around in. And all reports of twisted ankles have been vastly exaggerated."

Martha turned to the shop assistant, sighed, and said, "I suppose I'll take the Converse."

"Oh, good choice!" said the Doctor, grinning.


1. Martha gets a pet cat for the TARDIS.

2. Martha meets Reinette.
6th-Nov-2007 05:40 pm (UTC)
Prompt 2 from scarlettgirl's list in the post: Martha meets Ianto, Adeola's ex. (Exactly 100 words, yay!)

Martha's first day at Torchwood Three

The coffee mug shattered as it hit the floor. Brown liquid started dripping through the holes in the grate.

Martha saw Jack give the guy he'd just introduced to her a look. "There a problem here?"

"This might sound--" Ianto swallowed, and his voice came down an octave or two. "--odd, but do you ... did you have a twin sister? Adeola?"

Martha put her hand to her mouth. "Oh my god, you're that Ianto. No, she was my cousin."

"Your cousin? Your identical cousin?" Ianto sounded slightly sceptical.

"Happens surprisingly often," Tosh said, before looking back to her computer screen.


  1. The TARDIS swimming pool
  2. Martha and Donna gang up on the Doctor
  3. One of the times they went to see the Moon landing
  4. Martha and the Doctor caught in a compromising situation ... but there is an innocent explanation
6th-Nov-2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
For scarlettgirl's prompt: Martha gets a pet cat for the TARDIS.

“Aw, Martha, I think she likes me!” the Doctor said in delight. “Don’t you? Yes, you do. Well, who can you blame you? Yes, you love me, don’t you?” spoke the Doctor in a ridiculously high-pitched voice.

Martha just rubbed her streaming nose.

“You love me! And I love you with my hearts,” he cooed at the little ruffled ball that was gently clawing at his jacket in a shameless display of attention-seeking. “You’re gorgeous. I’m so glad Martha bought you,” he said emphatically, picking up the softly meowing creature and glefully rubbing noses with it.

Martha tried to suppress the tickling in her own nose. She failed. Loudly.

Surprised, the Doctor looked up.

“You better not choose the cat,” Martha snapped.
6th-Nov-2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
For calapine: Martha becomes Prime Minister

Martha's first day had been exhilarating, enlightening, empowering ... and exhausting. Now she was trudging up the stairs of 10 Downing Street behind yet another flunky.

"You'll be living on the top floor. Just a little further now ..."

As she turned the final corner Martha stopped dead. The line of portraits had been getting progressively closer to the present as she passed them – Major, Blair, Jones ...

... and suddenly she was face to face with "Harold Saxon", immortalised in oil paint.

"What's this doing here?"

"All Britain’s Prime Ministers are represented, ma'am, even ..."

"I want it taken down. Tonight."

"Understood, Prime Minister."
6th-Nov-2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
ionlylurkhere's prompt: Martha and the Doctor caught in a compromising situation ... but there is an innocent explanation. Didn't turn out as compromising as it could have been, however... :)

“Ow! Watch it, mister, your elbows are sharp!”

“I can’t watch it – we’re in the pitch black!”

“Whose choice was that? Oh, wait, I remember – yours.”

“Well, someone’s got to make all the important decisions in this relationship.”

Well, I don’t think it should be you.”

“Aw, why not? I know what I’m doing; I’ve had hundreds of years of experience.”

“Uh-huh, and nothing to show for it.”

“Hey! I’ve got plenty to show-”

“Oi, thought you were here to examine the plumbing? This looks like a cupboard to me.”

“Ah, yes, well, there’s a simple explanation for that, erm, Bob-”

“It’s Ben, Doctor. And we’re not plumbers, Bob. Sorry, I mean Ben. You’ve an alien mole infestation.”

Prompt: Martha bakes.
6th-Nov-2007 06:30 pm (UTC) - Martha/Zoe
"I'm awfully glad you decided to join us here," said Miss Zoe Heriot as she lead Martha into the Wheel's infirmary. "I've read about your work in xenobiology. You practically invented the field!"

Martha chuckled. "I wouldn't say I invented it. Mostly I was just the first person to practice it openly, without being part of a government conspiracy."

"Oh, of course," said Zoe. "The Torchwood Institute. Do you know, there are people who don't believe it existed?"

"Oh, it did," said Martha. "I knew the man who ran it." She glanced down. "I wish I hadn't had to take this post. I knew Gemma Corwyn--she was a good doctor."

"She was," said Zoe. "If it hadn't been for those awful Cybermen...well, at least the Doctor and his friend Jamie were there to help keep the entire Wheel from going under." She bit her lip. "I would have liked to go with them, I think."

Martha took her hand. "I understand," she said quietly. "I met the Doctor when I hardly any older than you. I even traveled with him for a while. But there's work to be done here too. Important work."

Zoe squeezed Martha's hand. "You're right," she said decisively. "Besides," she said. "If I'd stowed aboard his ship like I'd planned to I might have never been able to meet you!"
6th-Nov-2007 06:34 pm (UTC)
Martha babysits for catlovestea

Martha watched as Sarah Jane bustled about the living room, grabbing coat and purse and computer bag. “If it weren’t overnight, I’d just leave him.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Martha waved it off. “Luke and me, we’ll get on great.”

Sarah gave her a knowing grin. “It’s the rest of them I’m worried about.” Turning, she gave Luke’s friends the hairy eyeball. “Home by ten. No arguments.”

They both agreed, almost too quickly. She gave Maria a quick hug, Luke a longer one, and then was gone.

As soon as the door closed, they all turned on Martha.

“Did you really travel with the Doctor like Sarah?”

“Is he cool?”

“Is he cute?”

Martha’s confidence faltered.

Tag: Martha meets the 8th Doctor
Studying for her exams. Or trying to...
6th-Nov-2007 06:50 pm (UTC)

Martha meets Reinette (sort of) for calapine

Martha smoothed the gown of the burgundy dress Reinette insisted to lent her for the ball. Brilliant idea she had... She just wanted to know if that famous noblewoman was as charming as she was depicted in the biography she read years back.

Well, she was. And she was dancing with the Doctor. The king’s eyes were filled with jealousy, and Martha knew hers looked the same.
Until a charming Italian man invited her to dance.

And for the rest of the night, a pair of jealous brown eyes followed the dancing couple wishing their owner had never helped Casanova escape from Venice…

1. Martha tris to convince the Doctor to take her sister onboard for one trip.

2. Jack gives Martha some advice for her first day at Torchwood.

6th-Nov-2007 06:56 pm (UTC) - Martha meets K9
Martha meets K9 - for scarlettgirl

“I’ve made you a dog.”

“Or as we say on Earth, ‘Hello, Martha’.” She wrapped her arms around the Doctor, enjoying the hug after six months of not seeing him. “I’m not allowed pets. And what do you mean made me a dog?”

The Doctor moved aside. Behind him on the doorstep a little robot dog bobbed its head with a whirring of motors.

“Greetings, Mistress.”

“Oh, he’s got tiny little satellite dish ears…”

As Martha crouched down to hug her new pet-slash-computer the Doctor sidled around her and into the house. “Course, this means I’ll have to visit you a lot more often, make sure you’re taking care of K9 Mark Five. Can’t be helped, I’m afraid. Got any biscuits in?”

1. Martha pilots the TARDIS, or tries to.
2. The forest of Cheem.
3. Here be dragons.
4. Martha and her mum, after the year that never was.
6th-Nov-2007 06:57 pm (UTC) - The Doctor Returns At An Inconvenient Moment
For doyle_sb4

“Martha!” The Doctor exclaimed, big old grin on his face. “Your door bell broken or something?”

“Actually, I - ” He brushed straight past her, into the living room, plonked himself on the sofa and began flicking idly through the TV channels.

“Doctor, I - ”

“Oh, yes please. Milk no sugar. Anything decent on?” He looks up. Finally. “You been running or something? You look all hot and bothered.”

“No, Doctor.” She sighed. “I haven’t.” As she walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on, she resigned herself to the fact that it would be at least an hour before she could return to Tom who was waiting not so patiently in her bedroom.


1. Martha meets the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry Sullivan

2. Martha meets Lucy Saxon

Edited at 2007-11-22 08:10 pm (UTC)
6th-Nov-2007 07:02 pm (UTC) - Martha meets the Eighth Doctor
For sadbyl

Last line shamelessly nicked from Back to the Future

One moment Martha was standing in the Tardis, the next thing she knew she was on her behind in…the Tardis?

Well, there was still a console in the middle, but the organic look had been replaced by a Victorian library.

A man stepped into her line of sight: long brown curls, frockcoat, velvet, wide eyes.

“Oh dear.”

”The Doctor I presume?”

The man who was definitely the Doctor extended a hand sheepishly and Martha allowed herself to be hauled up.

“Do I know you?” he asked fearfully.

Martha tried to look cross but was melting inside: the voice, the velvet, the eyes…

“Oh yes…”

“Ah…I’ll know you in the future, I suppose.”

The eyes….

She sighed. “Doctor, I’m your density. I mean…your destiny.”

- Martha meets Two.
- Martha meets the Brigadier as a young man and he falls for her.
- The Doctor's lost. Martha goes to find him.
- Martha experiences zero-G
6th-Nov-2007 07:13 pm (UTC)
Martha asks the Doctor what happened to The Family for scarlettgirl

Martha pushed down anxiety that bordered on nausea.


"Mmm?" The Doctor hummed happily as he tinkered with the TARDIS console.

"The Family..what become of them?" She swallowed.

"Why do you ask?" The Doctor’s tone became tight and hollow -- it sent a shiver down her spine.

"I saw something in the mirror..." Her voice trailed off as the Doctor met her gaze.

"They went to live on a nice farm," Donna hissed, dragging Martha by the elbow away from a glowering Doctor.

"Listen to me,” Donna whispered, her eyes fierce. “There are some things you don't want to know."

Prompt: Martha is along for the ride when Ten meets Five
6th-Nov-2007 07:14 pm (UTC) - Here Be Dragons
For doyle_sb4

Martha threw down her oar in disgust and wiped her neck with the rag that used to be her skirt. She glowered at the Doctor.

“So when were we supposed to be back on the mainland again?”

Her companion scowled. He picked up their sextant and made a great show of performing mind-bogglingly complex calculations.

Martha raised a speculative eyebrow. “Admit it. We’re lost, and we’ve been lost for the last eight days. You’ve navigated us right off the edge of that map the Pirate King showed us.”

“Seven days, thirteen hours, five minutes and sixteen seconds by your grossly inaccurate system for measuring time actually.”

Martha rolled her eyes. ”Don’t bother with the superior Time Lord thing, Doctor; even you can’t pull it off when you’re sitting there all sunburned wearing just your underpants.”

- "I am the Wizard of Speed and Time"
- The chameleon circuit gets fixed.
- "Only a total nitwit would ever believe you."
6th-Nov-2007 07:48 pm (UTC) - Martha's Secret Addiction
For persiflage_1

“Martha? You in there?”

Martha froze. Heart thudding she quickly hit ‘control +n’ and her homepage.

”Yeah! Come in.”

The door opened.

”Whatcha looking at?” he asked casually and she felt his hands drop to her shoulders and start to massage them soothingly.

“Oh…nothing…” she flailed, “just erm…catching up on my email. Jack’s sent me something called the Evil Overlord list.” She leant back so she was looking at the Doctor upside down.“Might give us some tips for next time we run across a megalomaniac.”

He smiled at her, upside down. “Occupational hazard, that.”

He resumed rubbing her shoulders and Martha couldn’t help sighing and letting her eyes slide shut. He was so good at that and she couldn’t help wondering what other sensual talents he had.

“Ah hah!”

Martha’s eyes flew open. The Doctor had taken advantage of her relaxation, his right hand flying past her right ear to grab the mouse and click back to her other window.

She swallowed.

“Why Martha,” the Doctor said, silkily, “I never knew you were into fanfiction. And such *creative* fanfiction at that.”
6th-Nov-2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
1. Martha meets the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry Sullivan for in_the_end

"All right there, old girl?"

Martha glared up at the grating and yanked fruitlessly at the manacles. "Is he always like that?"

Sarah smiled ruefully at her, pointedly ignoring the two doctors twenty feet above their heads. "Oh, you have no idea."

Martha craned her neck backwards to eye the journalist. "And does this sort of thing happen to you often?"

"All the time," she replied around the lockpicks in her mouth. She passed one to Martha as professionally as possible, but still heard Harry spluttering slightly above.

The long end of a scarf fluttered down to a foot above their heads. "Can you climb up?" that stentorian voice boomed cheerfully, and Sarah Jane growled as she worked at the cuffs.

"And yes, he's always like that, too." The locks clicked open almost simultaneously, and they dropped.

"Remind me to introduce you to my Doctor some day," Martha commented darkly, and helped Sarah onto her shoulders so she could reach the dangling scarf.

Prompts; 1. Martha has a field day in the wardrobe room
2. Martha and the Tardis team up against the Doctor
3. Martha has decided to become the galaxy's expert on Gallifreyan emergency medicine