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Elliptic Eye

Vid Rec: Your Time Is Now (Martha Tribute) - XsnapesgirlX

Title: Your Time Is Now
Author: XsnapesgirlX
Characters/Pairings: Martha-centric vid focusing on her general awesomeness.
Music: "Butterflies and Hurricanes," Muse
Found: on YouTube
Spoilers: Series 3 through 03x13, The Last of the Time Lords.
Reccing This Because:

I hardly ever actually watch fanvids. I mean, watch them all the way through, instead of the first few seconds of them; usually I just use YouTube as a sort of free music box. I watched all of this one. A few times.

This vid gives Martha's heroism and struggle a gravitas that it didn't always have even in the show. It's beautifully edited: the pacing and selection of the clips is impeccably musical, in-time (and up to Muse's fast pace), and illustrates not just the lyrics but the shifting moods of the piece itself. Really, just beautiful. It's not often you can watch a vid of footage you've already seen and find it as satisfying in its own way as a good piece of fanfic.
Tags: recs, vids (fan made)

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