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The Martha Jones Community
Marthathon masterlist! 
9th-Sep-2006 10:09 am
tea-serving penguin
Well, I think it's now Saturday in most of the world so without further ado: the Martha ficathon masterlist. I expected half a dozen sign-ups, so the fact we got 20 stories (with 4 more on the way) based on a grand total of zero seconds of air time, makes me a happy fangirl indeed. Pat yourselves on the back, at least till March when she really does turn out to be a psychic ninja from the future and we all get jossed.

aervir wrote for voleuse: Brace Yourself (Martha, Ten, Sarah Jane, G)

akire_yta wrote for lozenger8: Untitled (Martha, Ten, G)

calapine wrote for melata_fic: Expectations (Martha, Jo, G)

cedara wrote for hhertzof: Leave of Absence (House crossover, G)

cesario wrote for lotus79: delayed

doyle_sb4 wrote for th_esaurus: Wouldn't You Like To Get Away? (Ten, Martha, PG)

hhertzof wrote for __kali__: A Life Less Ordinary (Martha, Ten, Sarah Jane, Jack, PG-13)

__kali__ wrote for vegasunicorn25: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Martha, Ten, no rating given)

kijikun wrote for dune_drd: Make Your Own Humanoid Building Kit (Martha, Ten, PG)

lafemmedarla wrote for sakuracorr: Seven Lessons Martha Jones Learned From Time Lords (Martha/Romana, Ten | PG)

livii wrote for uktechgirl: Earth Obstetrics Training Doesn't Cover Alien Egg Babies (Martha, Ten, G)

lotus79 wrote for misscam:

lozenger8 wrote for cedara: Lived it Ten Times or More (Life on Mars crossover, G)

melata_fic wrote for lafemmedarla: Undercovered and Over-Exposed (Martha, Ten, G)

misscam wrote for teffy: Stages of Transplant (Martha/Ten, PG)

nostalgia_lj wrote for doyle_sb4: Keeping Up With the Joneses (Martha, Ten, PG)

th_esaurus wrote for nostalgia_lj: That Thing You Do (Martha/Ten, PG-13)

sakuracorr wrote for livii: Definitive Articles (Martha/Ace, R)

dune_drd wrote for aervir: First Day</> (Martha, Ten, PG)

teffy wrote for akire_tya:

uktechgirl wrote for van: Early Shift (Martha, Four, Sarah, Harry, G)

van wrote for cesario: Brighton in February (Martha, Four, G)

vegasunicorn25 wrote for kijikun: Choices (Martha, Ten, G)

voleuse wrote for calapine: Genius Wonderful (Martha, Ida, PG)
9th-Sep-2006 11:44 am (UTC)
I just wanted to thank everyone who was part of this for the great fics that came out of this! Thank you!
9th-Sep-2006 01:17 pm (UTC)
Now I know what I'll be doing this afternoon...