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Cracktastic fic- Charlie's Angels- 1/1

OK, I am sorry. But the plot bunnies got inside my head and wouldn't leave, forcing me to write it whilst being very sleepy. So, as I say, I'm very sorry.

Author: Cheeky_monky
Characters: Ten/Martha/Donna
Warnings: None

The Doctor was in the middle of explaining to Donna how a cloud could possibly fall from the sky, when the phone rang, interrupting The Doctor mid-rant. The Doctor looked at Donna exppectantly, but she looked right back. It took a few seconds for the Doctor to say, "Oh!" and pat down his suit until he found his phone. Smiling at the caller display, he answered it.

"Can you not go five minutes?" The Doctor said, mock-exasperation apparent in his tone.

"Actually, it's been a year and a half." Martha Jones replied, on the other end of the phone. "Anyway, it seems your birthday has come soon, Doctor. Huge monster that has already chewed up half of London, washing that down with The Thames. I'm by London Bridge."

"I'm there." The Doctor said, hanging up the phone, and walking briskly back to the TARDIS, Donna, one step behind.

Martha smiled as she heard the familiar sound of The TARDIS, momentarily stealing her attention from the beast with had half The Tower Of London in it's mouth that it was having trouble digesting.

The Doctor stepped out from The TARDIS, regarded the monster, then turned to Martha. "And there's me thinking you had made up a crisis just to see me!" The Doctor said, enveloping Martha in a hug. "Missed you." Martha murmered in his shoulder. "You an' all." The Doctor said, releasing Martha, who noticed Donna who, in turn, extened her hand. "Donna Noble." Martha shook it. "Martha Jones." The two women smiled warmly at eachother.

Armed with 140 colis of rope, a sonic screwdriver and a very tall ladder, Donna Noble, Martha Jones and the Doctor ran towards The beast, roaring a battlecry.

All over London, a loud thump of a monster falling to the ground could be heard. This was shortly followed by three whoops of satisfaction.

Turns out, actually that the monster was quite a nice bloke, pushed over the edge by asking to 'hold the line' whilst trying to get a loan. This inevitably led to the monster (called Tony) chewing up half of London. As you do.

That day, just as The Doctor, Martha and Donna were setting off to a new destination, The Doctor decided to voice his opinion. Bad idea. "Hey," The Doctor started, Donna and Martha looked up. "You guys are like, Charlie's Angels, well, more Doctor's Angels..." The Doctor rambled on, clearly not noticing the dangerous looks Martha and Donna were giving him. He also didn't notice when Donna and Martha looked at eachother, putting their plan into action.

The Doctor did notice, however, when they both leaped on him, Donna holding him down, and Martha undoing his shoes then mercilessly tickling The Doctor's feet.

Anybody or anything passing a blue box that day may have been confused from the joyful shreiking of a TimeLord having his feet tickled. As you do.

Tags: fic

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