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Fic: Two Days or Two Months?

Two Days or Two Months?

Author: Jo
Rating: PG.
Pairing: Ten/Martha. Although this is more of an introspection piece.
Spoilers: New Who, Series 2 and 3. Set sometime in 1969 during ‘Blink’.
Summery: He hears two words and it causes him to think…really think.
A/N: I know for a fact that I am going to have my arse set on fire in some places for this one…*gets out the fireproof knickers. * Got marshmallows?

The device done, it was just a matter of waiting for Billy to show up in 1969 and get the message sent. The Doctor had found the odd job or two to fill his time, but he could never focus long enough to stay employed. Martha had managed to find a decent enough job that covered the bulk of their expenses. He was currently on the back of a park bench waiting for her to join him for lunch. He’d been creative that morning and made quite the picnic out of barely anything from the tiny kitchen back at the flat. It was the least he could do for Martha seeing as once again he was depending heavily on her.

He hated having nothing to do. It left him with too much time on his hands and in his head. A place that after centuries of wild living had become a bad place to linger, or so it seemed. A young couple were walking along the path towards him and talking. About what he didn’t know and could really care less about until the girl said something in response to her boyfriend.

“Two days?” She whined.

Two days…he’d heard that before and the words were not said in a manner suggesting happiness. Rose had said them to him when they were undercover at that school. She was not at all thrilled with posing as a dinner lady for two days while he got to be in his element as a teacher. It wasn’t the only time in the past couple of years that he had posed as a teacher either.

Only recently he had done so again, this time in hiding. And his companion was forced to go undercover as well with him. Again in a service position. Or was it servitude in Martha’s case? She had only ever said that she would never gripe about wild hours as a doctor as a result of the experience. He’d even stared at her in shock when she laughed that compared to two months of being a maid, being a doctor in the emergency room would be a breeze.

Two months. Martha had been forced to swallow her pride and dignity for two months. And she didn’t have him to fall back on. He was relying on her to keep him safe and she did, even while working fifteen hour days of thankless back breaking toil, seven days a week. And she was doing it again. Looking after him for the most part by working in a shop, enduring hours of boredom to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. The Doctor shook his head to clear it. He hated thinking too deeply about what had happened while hiding out from the Family of Blood.

It didn’t take long for his mind to drift again and he frowned. Joan and what could have been. Martha had even offered to go talk to Joan for him. He still couldn’t fathom why when he knew that Martha had feelings for him along the same lines as the ones Joan Redfern had showed towards John Smith. But then Rose had gone and talked to Reinette as well when he asked her to inform the courtesan what was going on with the repair droids. He knew Rose had been hurt when he had taken off again to bring Reinette along with them, but she had said nothing about it and he’d let it slide.

Granted Rose did not get along at first with Sarah Jane, he mused. But something had happened between the two that they found common ground. In his idiosyncrasies no less, as he had found out later. Sarah Jane had told him when he went to her to grieve over loosing Rose at Canary Warf. Martha had lost someone too that day. Her cousin. He knew all to well because he’d seen it firsthand himself. Something he eventually told Martha. She had sat quietly and listened as he told her what had befallen Adiola that horrible day. When he was done, Martha thanked him for being honest with her then left to be alone with her own thoughts for a while.

Talking. Martha got him to do that a lot. And not just his usual babble about anything and everything. Really talking. Facing his demons instead of running and avoiding them. Rose had tried twice. Both times ending in short answers and no real explanations. Martha had managed to get him to finally deal with the loss of his world. He was livid with her for it at first. His soul shredding again as he spoke. The anger faded as the words flowed and by the time he was done he was grateful.

They were both brave almost to a fault. And when had he started comparing them? He loved them both. Hell he definitely had more then enough room in his hearts for both, so why had he started comparing? ‘Two days’ the girl had said. He reached his hands up and scrubbed at his face. He owed her again. Maybe what he had told her on that rain swept field was true. Time to move on.

A voice broke him from his reverie and he was almost too grateful for it. “The weather said warm and sunny and yet looking at you I reckon I should have brought my brolly.” Martha teased from behind him. The Doctor swung his legs over the back of the bench and practically bounced into her arms. Surprising both of them he leaned down and showed her his gratitude in a searing passionate kiss. “Wow…” Martha managed when they broke apart for air.

“Thank you.” He whispered, leaning his forehead on hers.

Martha gave him a puzzled look before shaking her head and playfully slapping his arm. Neither noticed the few onlookers who were shocked at the public display of affection. Neither of them cared. The Doctor led Martha back to the bench and the lunch he’d made for them to share.

“When we get the TARDIS back I want to introduce you to someone. I think you’ll like her.” The Doctor piped up suddenly.

“Oh?” Martha curled her legs under her and took the sandwich he offered her. “Thanks, this looks good by the way.”

“You’re welcome. And yeah, I think you’ll get a kick out of Sarah Jane.”

“How do you know her?” Martha asked between bites.

“She used to travel with me…oh… a long time ago. Lifetimes ago.” Martha snorted a laugh and gave him a crooked grin. The Doctor returned the grin. “Just do me a favour yeah?”


“Don’t gang up on me with her will you?” The Doctor flashed his best ‘kicked puppy’ look at her. It worked on just about anyone except Martha Jones. No harm in trying though he thought.

Martha took a deep breath and contemplated the grass at her feet for a moment. “She has loads of great gossip on you doesn’t she?” Martha laughed at his glare. “Alright.” Martha started. She placed her sandwich aside for a moment and held her hand over heart. “I promise to listen to anything and everything this Sarah Jane tells me about you and use it against you whenever necessary!” The Doctor lunged at her and caught her in a hug. Martha squealed when he started tickling her mercilessly but refused to give in to his demands.

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