December 29th, 2007


Fic: Keeping Up With the Joneses

My first post here. Finally finished my fic involving Martha, so I thought what better place to post?

Title: Keeping Up With the Joneses
Characters: Martha/Ten/Ianto
Rating: NC17
Summary: AU. *Brando impersionation:* Ianto makes Martha an offer she can't refuse.
A/N: This is a crossover with Torchwood, but no spoilers. This idea started as a one off drabble, obviously it got away from me, and it's just become PWP by request. The story starts in Midnight Joneses, followed by Jonesing for Another. All parts are linked together.

(Keeping Up With the Joneses Part 1)
(Keeping Up With the Joneses Part 2)
AoS Coulson+Skye OTP

The Doctor's Coat

Title: The Doctor's Coat
Author: Persiflage_1
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Martha, Donna
Rating: U
Spoilers: Season 4 trailer photo
Summary: Martha's given warmth.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns "Doctor Who" and the Doctor owns me…
Author Notes: malaleen suggested this prompt (based on this photo) for the lifeonmartha 1000 Drabbles of Awesome Tag game – and shishmish nagged me until I agreed to write it!


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The Characters of Colour Multi-Fandom Lovefest at choc_fic is open for claiming. The idea is you claim a prompt and on the appropriate day post a fic of minimum 100 words. The two lists of prompts are:
Feb 1st through Feb 14th
Feb 15th through Feb 29th
To claim a prompt, comment on the relevant post with which one you want.

There are a bunch of Martha prompts in various pairings, and it'd be brilliant to see them all get written especially the Red Dwarf crossover I requested, because if nobody writes that I'll be forced to.

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I've also done a list of the Mickey prompts because the sheer power of his awesome compelled me.