December 28th, 2007

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Alone Again, Naturally (7/7)

Title: Alone Again, Naturally (7/7)
Author: missperkigoth
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Martha
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: If series 3 is still a spoiler...
Summary: The Doctor heads for London...
Disclaimer: The BBC et. al. own these characters, and much of my money. Thanks, huzzah, kudos, internets, and massive amounts of love to my betas persiflage_1, jo_mako, karenor, and domsbabygrl. You have all been there for me during this process as a fledgling authoress. Thank you for the help and love!

Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 3 ~ Chapter 4 ~ Chapter 5 ~ Chapter 6

Click here for the end of the show
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1969 Fic community?

Poll #1112275 1969 fic community

Would you be interested in a community for Ten&Martha 1969 stories?


I've been wondering for a while about a 1969 Ten&Martha community - a central place in which people can post/link 1969 stories - I know I keep writing them myself and I've seen quite a few such fics around.

I was thinking of including any fic that has either Ten or Martha as a central character - so the recent story by livii featuring Martha and Harry Sullivan, in which Ten's a minor character would fit... But I don't want to start another Comm if there's little or no interest - I note that smithverse has received very little attention, and I'd hate for this to be another Comm that was neglected...
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1000 Drabbles of Awesome

I've just checked our 1000 Drabbles of Awesome post, and saw we were a little over a hundred drabbles away from reaching our goal of 1000 drabbles about Martha Jones!

It was be awesome if we could finish this drabble-a-thon up by the New Year, don't you think? And I really think our community is up to the challenge! All we need to do is write 115 drabbles in the next 4 days! I know we can do this!

So, to inspire our mad drabblers, I thought I might throw out a few new suggestions, which of course people are free to add to. Since we've just seen the Christmas special and the trailers for both Doctor Who and Torchwood, I thought it might be fun to do some speculation drabbles:

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So you mad drabblers, let's see if we can wrap these 1000 Drabbles by the new year!
AoS Coulson+Skye OTP

First Night

Title: First Night
Author: Persiflage_1
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Martha
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summary: Martha and the Doctor's first night stuck in 1969.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns "Doctor Who" and the Doctor owns me…
Author Notes: This is for nonelvis who offered this prompt for the lifeonmartha 1000 Drabbles of Awesome Tag game. It started out as a Not-Drabble and then grew and grew !! You could see it as a prequel to my Blink Missing Scene Drabble.


Arriving in 1969
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A Pic from the S4 Preview...

I recorded VotD at my own place because I stayed with my folks over Christmas.  I also recorded it there just to be on the safe side... which is just as well cos mine cut out just at the most interesting part, ie the Season 4 preview (Not that I didn't enjoy VotD, I did but TRB was miles better!).  The quality on the 'rents' version was not good so I had to download the ep to get me some quality slo mo preview time.

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The Flash: Flash Day!

Icons and Headers

[16] Doctor Who Icons:
- All forth seasons
- Actors
[7] Doctor Who Headers:
- David Tennant @ Gala Screening for DW x-mas episode
- David Tennant and Billie Piper @ V festival
- Martha & Doctor Comics
- Martha Jones: season 3: Blink
- Rose, Ninth and Tenth Doctors
- Rose & Nine: Season 1: Father's Day

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Fic: The Banana Blitz

Title: The Banana Blitz
Author: jeonggam
Rating: G
Characters: OC, Ten, Martha
Summary: “Great Zombie Fuhrer Rodians Like Gizkas are allergic to potassium. And what are bananas a great source of? Potassium! You saved our lives. With a banana! That’s brilliant! I always knew bananas were good!”
A/N: This… is crack. But not too wild or far-fetched, everyone's still vaguely in character, I hope. I wrote it for my cousin, but it was a LOT of fun to write, so I thought I'd post. And there’s a bit of a Veronica Mars crossover. So… You know.

The Banana Blitz.

Impatience- 1/1

Uh...hello. I've been a fully-fledged lurker for some time but I thought I might have a go at some smut. Anyway, yes. That's it.

Title: Expectations
Characters/Paring: Ten/Martha
Warnings: Some pr0n.
Rating: NC-17 -not for kiddies.
Disclaimer: Am so very angry I don't own them. At all.

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