December 22nd, 2007

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Fic series: The Lady and the Dandy

Starting in January I'm going to be writing an AU Doctor Who Season 3 story series: The Lady and the Dandy, featuring the Eighth Doctor and his Companion, Martha Jones.

The Eighth Doctor encounters Martha Jones just after the events of the 1996 TV Movie, so he is without a Companion (thereby allowing me to circumvent struggles with his very complicated audio and novel time lines !), whereas Martha Jones has never met a Time Lord before.

The two team up to travel in Time and Space together.

I will be posting the series at my newly created LJ lady_and_dandy so if you're interested in reading the series, please feel free to Friend me or watch my LJ. I will not be posting the stories to my regular LJ, but I will (as usual) post links here.

And just to whet your appetites, here's a list of the "episode" titles:

1 - Meeting
2 - Past
3 - Sacrifice (first in a 2-part story)
4 - Redemption (second in a 2-part story)
5 - Present
6 - Home
7 - Quest 1
8 - Quest 2
9 - Quest 3
10 - Quest 4
11 - Quest 5
12 - Quest 6
13 - Resolution
14 - Epilogue

You will probably have guessed (because Martha fans are intelligent people) that episodes 7 - 12 form a 6-part story.

And yes, those titles are deliberately vague because (as anyone who's read my stories will know by now) I am a bit of a tease !
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