December 17th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

IDW Doctor Who Comics Preview

We're all aware that there's going to be a Doctor Who comic coming out, featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha, right?

(For those who aren't aware: Published by IDW, first issue out in January)

Anyway, there's a five page preview of the first issue on the IDW website.

Personally, though I'm not entirely certain that I like the style of artwork when it comes to people, the fifth page has some rather adorable looking missing adventures for Ten and Martha.

Inspiration for the fic writers, perhaps?

The End of the World (2/3?)

 Title: The End of the World (2/3?)
Characters/Pairing: Martha Jones, Ninth Doctor, Face of Boe, Cassandra, Jabe, Raffalo, Steward 
Rating: PG/ PG-13 
Spoilers: The End of the World, Rose
Summary: Platform One is infested, something destroying it's fields. The Doctor has to save everyone but he's got to deal with personal issues, and he's against the clock...

If you want to read Martha, the story before, it's
here and if you want to read the first part of The End of the World it's here.