December 1st, 2007

DW: LoM mod

Chat Today

Today we are having our monthly chat for lifeonmartha. It'll be held in a AIM chat room named lifeonmartha and we'll officially begin chatting at 7pm UK time/2pm EST. Chat usually runs about 3 hours, and any member can drop in on chat anytime they want. You can get into the chat room without assistance, or IM me at lena74c for an invite.

Today in chat, we'll be discussing the casting spoilers from this week and their impact on the character of Martha Jones and her relationship with Donna and the Doctor. Let's try to discuss this news in a positive frame of mind, and think about what this could mean for the show.
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DW: LoM mod

The Martha Jones Holiday Ficafest can begin posting

It's now December, and as the holiday's are fast drawing near, it's also time for lifeonmartha to begin posting stories for our Martha Jones Ficafest.

Post your story or link to your story on our community as you would any fic. Please check out our user info if you've never posted a fic with us before. Also leave a link to your story in this post, along with your prompts and relevant characters, so I can make a master list of fics. I will link this post in our side bar of links, so members can easily find the master list post.

Please tag all fics with the Holiday Ficafest tag, so members have another easy way to find your fics.

So, let the posting begin!

ETA You can post your fic anytime during this first week of December. And while we don't encourage it, we won't turn away late fics either.

Master List:

flopsy_cotton wrote The Doctor Drinks (and Dances) I (Ten/Martha)

bana04 wrote Together in Memories I (Ten, Martha, TARDIS)

ionlylurkhere wrote 13.8 yoctojoules per Kelvin I (Ten/Martha)

in_the_end wrote The Day The Doctor Created A New National Holiday I (Ten/Martha)

persiflage_1 wrote The Gallifreyan Festival of Lights I (Ten/Martha)

pimpmytardis wrote New Memories I (Martha/Jack/Ace)

malaleen wrote Holiday Interruptions I (Martha/Peter Carlisle, Ten, Donna) I Adult

gruaig_rua wrote Ordinary World... Extraordinary Girl (part 1) and Part 2 I (Martha, Jack, The Doctor)

foxmonkey wrote Binding Day I (Martha/Ten)

elliptic_eye wrote All's Well That Ends Well (1/2) I (Martha/Ten/Shakespeare)

madelf wrote Filter Free Day I (Martha, Ten)
The Flash: Flash Day!

(no subject)

[11] Doctor Who Headers
- Rose: Boomtown [1.11]
- Rose: Torchwood Post Doomsday
- The Doctor: Timelord
- Doctor & Donna: The Runaway Bride [3.0]
- Doctor & Martha: The Lazarus Experiment [3.6]
- Freema Agyeman Photo Shoot

- Doctor, Rose, Mickey, & Jack: Boomtown [1.11]

[2] Torchwood Headers
- Cast X-mas
- Gwen: Everything Changes [1.1]

[1] Torchwood Header
- Gwen: Everything Changes [1.1]

Preview: No Martha/Doctor preview due fear of spoilers

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