November 26th, 2007

  • rubyv

Warm and Full (1/?)

Title: Warm and Full

Author: rubyv

Rating: NC-17 later chapters

Characters/Pairings: Martha/Jack

Spoilers: mild season 3 for LOTTL

Disclaimer: Don't own them, never have, never will, they are the property of the BBC and only frolic in my mind when attacked by horny plot bunnies.

Author’s notes: I"m a fanfiction virgin so please be gentle, but I would love some constructive crit. After the end of LOTTL, I decided that Martha, our absolutely wonderful kick ass goddess, deserved better than what Ten was dishing out, and who would appreciate her better than the Captain? So, here is my attempt at setting things right, or at least easing some of the pain.  

Thanks to Emery Board for the Beta!


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