November 14th, 2007

The Flash: Flash Day!

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To the lifeonmartha Mad Drabblers....

How amazing are you? We have 374 drabbles under our belt. In a week our members have written over 37,400 words of Awesome!

In addition to the fabulous icons and banners (go grab yours now!) we are also going to host a little challenge within challenge. Just to shake things up a bit. ;)

For the next 24 hours we're hosting: The Sound of Music Drabble Challenge Challenge!

For this challenge you have to write a drabble based on a song title or song lyric. This is NOT songfic (i.e. please don't randomly quote lyrics in the drabble - if used at all they must be part of the dialogue) but rather song inspiration fic. This idea is inspired by puipui whose prompt of "Some call me a space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love" had me laughing out loud. So, in addition to that LOLarious prompt, here are a few more to get you started:

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Dig out those broadway lyrics, Backstreet Boys, Sex Pistols and anything else you can bring to the table - there is no shame!

Mark your clocks and....GO

REMEMBER - POST YOUR DRABBLES TO THE ORIGINAL 1,000 Drabbles of Awesome post.. Do NOT post them here.

Have fun!

ETA: As drakyndra noted in the comments, feel free to drop amusing or interesting lyrics in this post for additional prompts.


Title: Oblivion
Author: tenmartha4ever
Characters: Ten, Martha, OCs. Hints of 10/Martha
Rating: PG-13, for death
Spoilers: Series 3 episodes 42, Human Nature
Summary: Things, frankly, get out of hand.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns Doctor Who. I, unfortunately, do not.
Author Notes: Not too sure of this chapter. Might not make a lot of sense. And it is very long. Hopefully it isn't too bad.

Chapters 1-5 can be found here:

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Looking for Nine&Martha Fics

Does anyone have links to good Nine and Martha or Nine/Martha fics? I'm a bit OD'ed on Ten/Martha right now.

On a related note, there needs to be a section, group, or something for Martha/Other Doctors. I know there's been a lot of interest for Martha/Two lately. Any takers?
cherry blossom

fic: night ice, ten, martha, pg

Characters: Ten, Martha
Rating: PG
Words: 5358
Disclaimer: Anything you recognise belongs to the BBC.
Spoilers: Family of Blood
Summary: Watch how you go. Mind the gap.
Notes: I started this for the lifeonmartha Cliche Challenge back in May, finished it only a tad bit late... ;) Cliche used is "huddling for warmth."

Many, many thanks to lilas, cynthia_black, and parrotfish for betaing, and for being their own special sorts of awesome at it.

Night Ice

Fic: Martha (1/2)

 Title: Martha (1/2)
Characters/Pairing: Martha Jones, Ninth Doctor, Tish Jones
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Rose
Summary: Martha Jones's life is changed forever when she's attacked by shop window mannequins and who is the mystery man who keeps saving her life?
A/N: This is basically a rewrite (with a few changes) of Rose from series 1 of the New Series of Doctor Who. It was sparked by an idea of how Martha would've been viewed by some corners of the fandom if she had been the companion before Rose. 


Title: My Equal
Author: tenmartha4ever
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Martha
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: End of Series 3, Last of the Time Lords
Summary: Martha comes home from work and finds a familiarface waiting for her...what exactly does the Doctor want this time?
Disclaimer: The BBC owns "Doctor Who".
Author's Notes: This is the first type of fic that I have ever written that is NC-17, so I am really nervous about posting this. Special thanks goes out to Persiflage_1 for proof-reading the first two versions of this one-shot and offering advice to make it better. I hope I've done this justice this time - I'm pretty happy about posting this version, but still very nervous!

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