November 11th, 2007


I am so new at this it is not even funny. I just posted a drabble and I hope I did it right. If not please explain to me what I did wrong and help me to make any corrections.

I also just wanted to say I am brand new to Doctor Who but I love season 3. Writing the drabble was actually fun and I hope I have the nerves to do so again. Sorry about this. and I am finished now.

Just want to say keep on writing. I am truly having fun reading.

DW: LoM mod

Wanted: graphics person to add to the mod staff

lifeonmartha is looking for someone to join our mod team as graphics designer for our community.

As many of the lifeonmartha mods are graphically challenged, we would like to find someone who could create graphics for this community. We would like someone who is proficient in icon making, banners and is able to work with lj when our layout needs an occasional tweaking. We want someone who is enthusiastic and positive about Martha and the Doctor Who/Torchwood universes. People who apply should be able to commit their time to helping make our community a more beautiful place. The person who is appointed as graphics designer will also be given mod status, and while we don't require previous experience in modding for this position, it could be a benefit.

Please reply to this post if interested (comments are screened). Include your email, links to examples of your work (icon journals or posts with examples of your work, ect), and tell us a bit about yourself and why you think you'd be a good addition to the lifeonmartha team.

Applications will be taken until Friday, November 16.