November 9th, 2007

TV: Who-SPN: Dalek Impala

Fic: Courage and Pluck

Title: Courage and Pluck
Fandom: Doctor Who / Angel
Rating / Genre: PG+13. This is most definitely a crack!fluff crossover. Yeep.
Words: 1103
Spoilers: Doctor Who: 3.13 Last of the Time Lords (with confirmed season four companion) / Angel: Season Five
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is property of BBC and Angel is the property of Fox.
Schmoopy Dedication: This started life as a drabble for loafing_oaf who requested Martha meets someone from the Buffyverse (anyone - your choice)" for Martha's 1,000 Drabbles of Awesome!!!. Things got slightly out of control. It's also for fellow Buffy lover scarlettgirl who does so much for lifeonmartha.

Summary: Friends don't mock friends. Unless they really, really can't help it.

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