November 5th, 2007

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Title: A Moment's Grace
Author: Branwyn / cesario
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Two, Martha, Sally Sparrow
Spoilers: just before 3x13 "Last of the Time Lords"
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: On the eve of her return to England, a weary Martha Jones meets an old friend for the first time.
Author’s notes: Blame doyle_sb4 for this. She sent me a DVD of "The Mind Robber", which made me fall in love with Two. And violetisblue wrote some meta on Martha that made me see he was just her type.

Thanks to rj_anderson, lizbee, and biichan for betas and hand-holding.


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Modly Post of Modness

In light of last week's unpleasant incident, the mods decided it's time for one more round of "How to Behave in a Comm".

As always - we'll start with the Golden Rule:

Please Read the User Info

Honestly, it contains some really valuable and useful information. Because a comm is an organic thing that grows and changes, the user info is occasionally tweaked to meet those needs. Give it a go every now and again just to see what's happening.

Now that you've checked the user info you should fully and completely understand what content is acceptable for this community. Notice I said "for this community" and not "for you". We understand that there are things you personally may not enjoy or even feel comfortable with in fandom, but if it is allowed in this comm have two choices: don't look or leave the community. This is an appropriate time to remind the community that real person fiction (RPF) is allowed at lifeonmartha. If you don't like or approve of RPF, don't click the link.

Further, while we all enjoy a good debate here on lifeonmartha under no circumstances is allowable content up for debate as to appropriateness. Period. In the future anyone who feels the need to go down that road will be given a warning from the mods and if the behavior continues or if any post devolves into nastiness, rudeness or anything resembling personal attacks the post will be frozen or deleted. Harsh? Maybe but this is a community and we need to practice some of those grown-up skills like "getting along" and "compromise". We hope that we do not get to the point of being forced to ban members because of bad behavior but as the community grows, it is certainly something that we will consider if warning are gone unheeded.

As stated in the user info, posters to the community also have a responsibility to the community:

If you are posting fic, it MUST be behind a cut tag and the header should contain appropriate warnings. Please be mindful that not everyone shares your delight in Ten/Martha/TARDIS NC-17 fic and would appreciate a bit of heads-up in the fic header as to what they are getting into.

ALL fic must be place behind a cut. We understand that coding issues can happen but please take a moment after posting to the comm to make sure everything is in order. We've all made posting mistakes and it only takes a moment to correct. If the post can't be corrected within a reasonable time frame, the mods will delete it. Please don't hit "post" and walk out the door assuming all is okay, it is your responsibility to check your posts to see if they are posting properly.

In that vein, Readers - please give the poster a reasonable amount of time to correct a posting error. It may look uncut on your flist when it reality the original poster has corrected the error. Hit "refresh" just to make sure before piling on the "please cut" comments.

We are a large group of people with many diverse and wonderful interests but the thing that we all have in common is that we love Martha. Please remember to be courteous and cordial when dealing with fellow fans. It would make Martha happy.

As always, if you have questions or concerns drop us a line at Page-A-Mod.

Fic: Fractured Reality 10/?

Title: Fractured Reality 10?
Characters:  Ten, Martha, Jack, Rose
The Doctor and Martha go to the year 4007 and get ambushed. Or do they? What is real, what isn't? Is there anyway to tell.
NC-17 rating upped due to a sex scene in this chapter.
I own them all, but only in Pete's World, sadly in this universe they belong to RTD and the BBC
This is mainly Ten, Martha and Jack, however Rose does feature, although not the first few chapters so bear with me...

Chapter Ten here at my journal

Previous Chapters