October 26th, 2007

Jack/Martha glee
  • laurab1

Doctor Who - fic - Distractions, NC-17, Jack/Ten/Martha

I wrote Chains of Command, and people said, "Sequel, please?" So here's the porn, then, as requested ;)

Title - Distractions
Author - laurab1
Rating/Warning – NC-17, sex and very mild d/s themes
Pairings/Characters – Jack/Ten/Martha, TARDIS, Nine, Rose
Length - 872 words
Spoilers - TW 1.1, DW 1.9-13 and 3.11-13
Summary - After some slow, careful undressing of each other, the three of them collapse onto Jack’s huge bed in a tangle of pale and dark limbs.
Disclaimer - alas, none of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

“I believe I promised you something, Martha Jones,” Jack says, leaning over her...