October 18th, 2007

DLM: Frankenfruity

Modpost: Change in the user info/community rules

lifeonmartha has updated its community info and rules, and we'd like to take a moment of your time to call your attention to an addition we've made to our fic posting guidelines.

Due to some recent questions by authors, the mods felt it necessary to emphasize that all fics, artwork, fan vids, ect. must center around the character of Martha Jones. All types of fic, including poetry, can be submitted. We also encourage all types of ships as well. This community does not cater to just one ship for Martha. We accept and want them all.

However, we'd like to say that while we don't mind fic with other ships besides Martha ones posted on our community, stories in which Martha's role is only, or largely, to advance, advise on or catalyze those other relationships are probably not appropriate for this community. We ask that you consider other general fic communities such as dwfiction instead.

Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to this community. I look forward to seeing what new Martha material will be produced as we move into a new year and new series.