October 10th, 2007

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Martha Meta

Hi, everyone!

I have written some of my thoughts on Martha and my issues on how she was conceived my the writers and received by Ten and, ultimately, the fans. People have asked me if I was going to post it here, and have warned me about potential comments I may get, but I want to share my thoughts with the community, especially since it is centered around Martha/Freema.  I welcome a constructive discussion!  It is a long essay, fair warning!

 Martha Jones and Love: Why Such a Positive Emotion (Seemingly) 'Ruined' a Character.
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Fic: Waiting for the Phone to Ring, Part 4/?

Title: Waiting for the Phone to Ring, Part 4/?
Author: Parrotfish
Rating: R
Characters: Ten, Donna, Martha, Lucy Saxon
Summary: Victory is just disaster barely averted; defeat stays with you forever. When the call comes, the Doctor will answer. He owes it to Martha.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, no profit made.
Author's note: No, I haven't given up. I know I said two more parts last time -- but now I think it's still two more parts. Unless it's not.

Links to previous parts are at the top.

Waiting for the Phone to Ring, Part 4/?


I found the covers for the Spring Novels of the Doctor Who range. I posted the summaries on a different post, with the covers for the December novels.

Now, BBC books have released the covers for the Spring Novels which are due out (according to the BBC site) 1st May, though another website has listed them as being released on the 18th April instead.

Here is the link which shows all three covers for the Spring Novels, which are entitled:

Martha in the Mirror
The Many Hands
Snowglobe 7

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He's Not Seeing Me

Title: He's Not Seeing Me
Author: rjrog77
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: unrequited Martha/Ten
Spoilers: Set just after Last of the Time Lords, so assumes you've seen all of S3.
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowing a-while.
Summary: What do you do when he just looks through you, looking for someone else who's long gone? Martha has been travelling with The Doctor for some time now, and she still has strong feelings for him. But The Doctor is still living in the past (as much as any Time Lord can), and just hasn't really noticed his new companion or paid much attention to her feelings. Martha has, finally, had enough - and has chosen (however temporarily) to stop travelling with The Doctor, for her own sanity.
Author's Notes: I've looked all over the userinfo for this comm and can't find any reason why posting this would not be OK. If you guys think differently, feel free to delete this.

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