October 7th, 2007

DLM: Frankenfruity

Announcing our Martha Jones Holiday Ficafest!

lifeonmartha would like to announce a Martha Jones Holiday Ficafest, and we would like our members to help submit prompts to get us started.

We are focusing our ficafest on Holidays and Festivals, both Earth bound and alien ones. Members can submit as many holidays/festivals as they like, both real and imaginary. Be as creative as you want in naming the alien ones. Descriptions of the holidays aren’t necessary, as we’ll let our talented authors make of them what they will.

We would also like our members to submit objects for our authors to work into their fics as well. Random objects are all that is necessary, though phrases would be acceptable too.

We will give you until Friday, October 12 to submit your ideas. We will then organize the two types prompts and people can begin claiming them for fics a few days later.

All fics will be due the first week of December, giving our community an early holiday treat. More specific details about the ficafest will be given next week.

Let our Holiday Ficafest begin!