October 4th, 2007


Inevitable 5/6

Title: Inevitable
Author: Cat
Rating: PG.
Paring: Martha/10, Martha/Casanova
Disclaimer: Not mine, but I’ve started saving to buy them. Current total: £2.07.
Spoilers: No big ones, but I guess the whole of series 3.
Summary: Starting with an adventure in Venice after the FOB, this fic covers the events in the rest of the series and AU after the end. Each section can be taken as stand-alone pieces.

AN: Thanks to Kira & Persiflage_1 for betaing this, and especially Kira for her help with the plot and ideas. Any mistakes left are mine.

Chapter One: Taking Comfort. 10 & Martha have an adventure in 18th century Venice.
Chapter Two: Doing Domestic (Part 1). Trapped in 1969, 10 & Martha make the best of things.
Chapter Three: Doing Domestic (Part 2). Still trapped, 10 & Martha settle in.
Chapter Four: Mind Games. Staying sane. How did the Doctor and Martha manage under the Master’s reign.
NEW! Chapter Five: Moving Forward. The Doctor and Martha try getting on with their lives.
Chapter Six: Meeting of the minds. Martha has a decision to make.
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Meeting Freema at the BAFTA 'Learners' preview.

I went to see the BAFTA preview of David Tennant and Jessica Hynes' new show, 'Learners'. It was a sweet show, and David has taken adorable to a whole new level. But that isn't the most note worthy thing about tonight, oh no.

For tonight, I was sitting next to Freema Agyeman!

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I'm pretty fuzzy on details because I'm still so hyped up, so if you have any question about anything I left out, please ask.


A Martha Jones story.

In my way to get into the heads of the Doctor companions here it goes my second companion-focused Doctor Who Fanvid.

It is called "Human" and it's about Martha and how she feels for all what she's made, how strong she's been , and how the Doctor didn't realise it (untill she's gone)

Here it goes. Click on the image below

Or in Youtube