September 24th, 2007

Ten / Martha Comic


Title: "Rude Awakening: Part II"
Author: mcgreevers
Rating: G
Summary: Martha is thrown into the deep end what she is saving the casualties from the wreckage - but is all as it seems?
Author: It's been a while since I last updated this, but I really am excited about developing this story!! There's a link to Part II below and also the first part!! Thanks!!


Part I
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Fanfic & Fanmix

Title: Incense And Peppermints
Author: Skylar
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Doctor & Martha
Rating: R for adult situations
Spoilers: Blink
Summary: 1969 has its perks.
Author's Notes: I so love Ten/Martha/1969 stories but there aren't many of them, and at smith_n_jones someone suggested there should be a "what happens in 69 stays in 69" prompt. So this is an answer to that ghost prompt. This is my first Doctor Who fic and I'm very new to the show, so forgive any inaccuracies.

( Insence and Peppermints )

( A Few Months In 1969: John and Martha Smith [LP] )

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Fic: Pittsburgh, October 1, 1955

TITLE: Pittsburgh, October 1, 1955
LENGTH: 1,900 words

Not a licensed tie-in. The Doctor and Martha are the property of the BBC.

What would a medical student really want if she could travel in all of history?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is loosely based on an actual event; there's a photograph at the end of the story.

"Think of all the practical experience you're getting! You're going to be a great doctor, Martha! Fabulous! Fantastic! No, wait, I don't say that anymore. Brilliant! Yeah, that's it, you're going to be brilliant!"

"I don't think obstetric procedures among 12-tentacled aliens from Alpha Centauri will be on my exams, Doctor."
TWD: Sashyl

Detour - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Racing for Oblivion
Pairing: Eleven/Martha
Rating: Teen, Young Adult
Summary: The Doctor seeks to take control of the TARDIS,
but Kaydin has a surprise in store for him when he does.

The beast was inching slowly toward her. Martha contemplated her options. She could run, but that would mean turning her back on the thing, and she knew that humans were never faster on their feet than wild animals, especially these, which she’d seen in action. They could leap great distances too, and all it had to do to disable her was get one claw into her flesh. She didn’t want to die the death Planx was still suffering right at that moment, but there was nothing she could do.

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If it exists, could y'all rec me some?

And on the seventh day, FedEx did deliver my Patrick Troughton DVDs.

This was significant, because I'd never really seen Two, not properly—just some half-remembered snippets from when I was a kid and, of course, the Five Doctors. But—BUT. The Two. Oh, the awesomeness of the Two. He bloweth the Ten out of the water (or so I feel today; new rules tomorrow), for he is kind, and he is love, and he is clever and gadgety and dear, and he doth not abuse his companions, and he is what Doctor Who is All About. He induceth me to Randomly Capitalize.

And so, immediately I desired much to see a fanfictional Martha frolicking with him. Because is there anything that would be cooler than that? I thought not.

Martha-Two! Has this been written? I lack the grove to write Two properly myself. So, if anybody has ever encountered such fic (or cartoons, or anything else), would you be so good as to rec me some?

ETA: Well, we haven't turned up any fic… but we have icons!
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