September 20th, 2007

Sing when you're winning

An ode to Miss Jones

It has come to my attention that a few corners of the Doctor Who fandom contain a startling amount of anti-Martha sentiment, so I thought I would try to expunge some of this pernicious substance by penning the following appreciative verse in her honour. (It contains mild spoilers for the whole of series 3.)

Now We Are Sick (Of Martha Getting A Raw Deal)
with apologies to A. A. Milne

What is the matter with Martha Jones?
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Fic: Where The Waters Are.

Where The Waters Are.

Title: Where The Waters Are.
Author: Jo.
Rating: General.
Pairing: Ten/Martha.
Spoilers: Mention of Human Nature/Family of Blood.
Summery: As a further ‘thank you’ for keeping John Smith safe, the Doctor takes Martha to a magical world.
A/N: That two-minute drill fic prompt thingy floating around had one that I couldn’t resist. “The Water Weavers” was one of persiflage_1’s prompts, and I happen to be a water obsessed maniac…go fig.

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So I did this whole Ten Canon Facts About... meme thing where I wrote up ten things I currently consider part of my personal canon for the characters. The original idea for the me was someone else on livejournal, so I can't take credit for that but the first character requested was Martha and I just finished writing it up.

I figured you guys might wanna read it, it's vaguely fic like but not really and does have spoilers for all aired episodes.

Ten Personal Canon Facts About Martha Jones
《TROOPERS》follow a brighter way。
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FIC: Everyone Has A Story

Title: Everyone Has A Story
Characters/Pairing: Tom Jackman, Martha Jones (Doctor Who/JEKYLL crossover)
Rating: G
Word Count: 424
Spoilers: In JEKYLL it is set during the six months between the escape from the manor and before Tom visited his mother; set during the Year That Never Was in Doctor Who right at the end of The Sound of Drums.
Summary: This was just a small idea that sort of popped into my head during work this afternoon. Nothing extravagant seeing as it's just Martha and Tom talking; just something to amuse myself and others.

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