September 18th, 2007


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Hello! *waves* I'm rather new, both to lj and this community, and have loved catching up on all stuff posted so far...

In the mean time, I can only offer a humble fanvid, hope you enjoy it!

Song: Not Like Everybody Else by The Kinks
Summary: A tribute to Martha Jones, who's very good at saving worlds and looking hot. 
Spoilers: All of s3
Can be found here on Youtube. My channel is Kheldara, where I have a few other Doctor/Martha vids.
[Stock] - London 1

Fic - Viva La Resistance.

Title: Viva La Resistance.
Author: LondonBeauty.
Characters: Martha Jones.
Rating: PG (mild language)
Spoilers: The Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords.
Disclaimer: I do not in anyway own Martha Jones, the Jones family, The Doctor, Captain Jack or The Master. The rest are my creations (unless there's one Doctor Who character I've forgotten).
Summary: Martha Jones finds her mission to spread The Doctor's word isn't going to be as lonely as she thought.
Author's notes: Thank you so much to persiflage_1 for being such an encouraging beta. Without her this fic may never have been written. Thank you as well to nightbeast, for her helpful suggestions to this newbie.

This story is compiled of three fics I wrote for the telling_a_story ficathon. It follows three days of Martha Jones' year long journey across the Earth, as mentioned in Last of the Time Lords.

Follow the fake cut to the fic
got | robb & jon | falling from high

Fic: Blind Faith (Martha, Claire Bennet Heroes x-over) Rating PG

Title: Blind Faith
Author: Magicallaw/Madge
Characters: Martha Jones, Claire Bennet
Raing: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Doctor Who or Heroes.
Authors Note: Heroes cross over but you only need to have a basic knowledge of Clarie the cheerleaders ability. Spoilers for the end of DW S3 but none that I can see for Heroes. Written for telling_a_story.

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Martha sat and listened to Claire’s story for hours. After months of telling her own, it was nice to hear someone else’s.

Second Chances Chapter 4/5

Title: Second Chances
Author: Cat
Rating: PG.
Paring: Martha/Peter Carlisle, slight Dr/Martha
Spoilers: No big ones, but I guess the whole of series 3.
Summary: Dr Who/Blackpool/Torchwood crossover. Martha takes Peter back to Torchwood’s base and calls on an old friend.

AN: I’m so, so sorry this chapter took so long. I got bitten by a plot bunny and started a Who/Casanova fic that was supposed to be just a short fluffy piece. It has now morphed into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Plot Bunny and refuses to die until I finish. Still, hope you enjoy this update and I plan to finish it by the end of this week.

Chapter Four

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three