September 13th, 2007

Ten / Martha Comic


Title: "Rude Awakening"
Author: mcgreevers
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Martha
Rating: G (I think!)
Summary: Instead of taking Martha back in time, the Doctor takes her to a new world where he opens up to her in a way she would have never imagined. Until...
Author Notes: This is my first fic!! I wanted to try it on my own for once so any feedback would be welcomed but be gentle! Hope you enjoy.

circulartime and persiflage_1 inspired me to get into it as I've been reading theirs and they're great!

The TARDIS tumbled through the Time Vortex, spinning as if out of control and untamed. Inside, the console was throbbing like a beating heart, while the TARDIS walls hummed in full strength. The Doctor, was single-handedly controlling everything; one hand on a switch; his leg spread across several buttons and bizarrely enough, a line of rope in his mouth.

Martha couldn't help but grin at the Doctor as she stood there, relaxed and looking quite stylish sporting her favoured pink headband and red skirt and boots. She looked up at the Doctor, admiring his enthusiasm at "piloting" his vehicle, and for a split second, when she squinted at his excited face like a child on Christmas Day, he kind of reminded her of Jeremy Clarkson.

"Just a little bit to the right-ah!" he croaked enthusiastically as he slammed his fist down on a button that apparantely signalled the landing of the TARDIS, Martha thought.

"So..." Martha anticipated, biting her bottom lip, "Where are we?"

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Fic: Fractured Reality 7/?

Title: Fractured Reality
Characters:  Ten, Martha, Jack, Rose
The Doctor and Martha go to the year 4007 and get ambushed. Or do they? What is real, what isn't? Is there anyway to tell.
PG-13 for graphic descriptions of nightmares
I own them all, but only in Pete's World, sadly in this universe they belong to RTD and the BBC
This is mainly Ten, Martha and Jack, however Rose does feature, although not the first few chapters so bear with me....

Chapter Seven

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