September 10th, 2007

TWD: Sashyl

Detour - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Lessons
Pairing: Eleven/Martha
Rating: Older Teen, Young Adult
Summary: Martha gets a lesson from Nine on how
to talk to the TARDIS, while Eleven takes a captive.

Gover vowed vengeance. He’d either kill the Doctor himself, or torture his bitch in front of him. He hadn’t been quite so angry since the day he’d killed his overbearing father for humiliating him in front of a girl he’d brought home. That had been his first kill, surprisingly easy, frighteningly satisfying, and from that moment on, he’d vowed to never let anyone embarrass him again.

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AoS Coulson+Skye OTP


Title: Gallifrey
Author: Persiflage_1
Characters/Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Martha
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Gridlock
Summary: The Doctor tells Martha about Gallifrey.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns "Doctor Who", and all that jazz…
Author Notes: This is the fifth part in my wholly-unplanned and apparently unstoppable TSC series. The previous parts are Warmth, Apology, Attics and Trust. This one ties into Gridlock from the point at which the Face of Boe has died – originally I was going to write a separate post-Gridlock story, but after watching and transcribing the end of Gridlock, I thought it might be more interesting to tie it into the TSC series – not least because of the way Ten and Martha interact in the alley.

Writing in the present tense seemed to work better for this one – I started it in the past tense but found myself slipping into the present tense after about two pages, so I gave up and wrote it in the present instead !


Whether she's sleeping or waking, Martha Jones is on the Doctor's mind...
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Second Chances

Title: Second Chances
Author: Cat
Rating: PG.
Paring: Martha/Peter Carlisle, slight Dr/Martha
Spoilers: No big ones, but I guess the whole of series 3.
Summary: Dr Who/Blackpool/Torchwood crossover. So the Doctor and Martha weren’t meat to be. What would happen if Martha encountered Peter Carlisle? Season 4 hasn’t happened so for this fic, Martha didn’t rejoin the Dr.

Chapter One
river; unicorns and rainbows

The Pandora Project: The Last Scientist

Apologies for the delay; RL thingie meant writing was Less Than Fun for a bit.

The Pandora Project

Summary: At the end of series three, the Doctor and the Master end up travelling together and totally manage not to destroy each other or the universe. More or less. Meanwhile, Martha gets a job offer from UNIT, Jack fails to realise his team are a bit useless, and there's a giant squid for no good reason whatsoever.

Rating: PG-13, mostly, as far as I can tell for these things.

Index post for the series

12 - The Last Scientist: The first half of an exciting finale, where some questions are answered.

12 - The Last Scientist