September 7th, 2007

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Hello, everyone. I'm a new fan to Doctor Who and I thought I'd make my introduction by offering some icons. I gotta say, it took me all of 2 seconds to fall head over heels in love with Martha. She's absolutely amazing! Why did she have to go? Oh well, I'm way excited about her return. Hopefully this time away from the Tardis will serve to make the Doctor realize she's the most kick ass companion he's had and she should be by his side always saving the world and kicking ass and looking fabulous and fierce and occasionally baking cookies or something. Go Martha!

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Fic: Fractured Reality 6/?

Title: Fractured Reality
Characters:  Ten, Martha, Jack, Rose
The Doctor and Martha go to the year 4007 and get ambushed. Or do they? What is real, what isn't? Is there anyway to tell.
PG-13 for graphic descriptions of nightmares
I own them all, but only in Pete's World, sadly in this universe they belong to RTD and the BBC
This is mainly Ten, Martha and Jack, however Rose does feature, although not the first few chapters so bear with me....

Chapter Six at my journal

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