September 3rd, 2007

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OT: Small blurb on Adjoah in today's Guardian.

Thanks to malaleen for letting me post. I figured I can't be the only Adjoa Andoh admirer in the community.

Most recently seen as a mother suffering from Munchausen syndrome in Wire in the Blood, Adjoa Andoh, who's in Silent Witness, is best known for playing Martha Jones's misguided mum, Francine, in Doctor Who. She also played Collette in Casualty and has done some sterling theatre work, including His Dark Materials, Blood Wedding with Gael Garcia Bernal, and David Hare's Stuuf Happens. In a move sure to excite Who fans, she'll appear in The Shadow in the North, the next in Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart trilogy, alongside Billie Piper.
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Fic: The Last Wednesday

Title: The Last Wednesday
Author: crushedmidnight
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Martha, Doctors 10-13, OCs
Spoilers: just general
Disclaimer: I do not own DW or its characters.
Summary: Martha and the Doctor meet for lunch once a month.
Author’s notes: Posted this a week or so ago on some other DW coms, and got a comment from pescivendolo suggesting I post it here. So, after forgetting to do so for a few days, I did! ^_^

Fake cut to Teaspoon."