September 1st, 2007

DW: Team Tardis Research

Chat today

lifeonmartha will be hosting it's weekly fandom chat this afternoon/evening (2 pm Est/7pm UK). The chat typically runs for approximately three hours, and feel free to drop in whenever.

It will be held on AIM in a chat room named lifeonmartha. Here's a tutorial on how to join the room without an invite.

If that doesn't work for you, feel free to IM me personally at lena74c to get an invite to the chat room.
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In Which I Meditate on Just Why Martha Is So Awesome

Um. Well.

About ten minutes ago, I just finished watching Series 3. Yeah, I'm behind on the times, I know. But I had to write something about it, about Ten, and Martha, and the nature of their dynamic and the character arcs for this series and just why I find them particularly poignant. Because for me, this really has been the best series of Doctor Who ever.

Since I'm not quite ready to do it in fanfic, voilà! My self-important thoughts on some of the more prominent features of Martha's development into a character I would gladly see more of in any context at all, even one sans Doctor, sans Torchwood, sans aliens and the freaky and weird.

Because Martha Jones' awesomeness can only be measured in solar masses.

Some profanity in the post, for those who might be offended.
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