August 29th, 2007

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Be Still, My Beating Heart

Hi! I'm new to the new Who and new to the community, but having been completely won over—thanks chiefly to Martha, who was the first new companion I got a look at and remains the most brilliant—I thought I'd introduce myself with a one shot. Because there is no such thing as too much Martha fic.

Title: Be Still, My Beating Heart
Author: Elliptic Eye
Pairing: Ten/Martha
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Smith and Jones
Disclaimer: The Doctor, Martha Jones, and the episode "Smith and Jones" are of course property of the BBC, et al. This story and the words used to tell it (quotations excepted) are mine, but I don't anticipate a knockdown brawl with the Beeb for ownership.

Summary: Judoon, hospitals on the moon, bendy straws of evil--all very well. But how did the Doctor get that double heartbeat past all the... er, doctors?

The Doctor's first glimpse of Martha. Also my first time trying to drive this Doctor Who bus, so beware of weaving and traffic violations.

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Fic: Fractured Reality 3/? & 4/?

Title: Fractured Reality
Characters:  Ten, Martha, Jack, Rose
The Doctor and Martha go to the year 4007 and get ambushed. Or do they? What is real, what isn't? Is there anyway to tell.
PG-13 for graphic descriptions of nightmares
I own them all, but only in Pete's World, sadly in this universe they belong to RTD and the BBC
This is mainly Ten, Martha and Jack, however Rose does feature, although not the first few chapters so bear with me....

Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Previous chapters