August 28th, 2007

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Freema interview in SFX magazine (scans)

Here are some scans I made of the freema interview. Sorry about any blurs my scanner is a bit rubbish. Also, I haven't really check the interview for spoilers, but I think there is mention of what Martha's doing next which we probably all know, but I'll give a spoiler warning anyway.

BTW, my question is the one about John flashing. ;)
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The Pandora Project: The Vampire Squid

The Pandora Project

Summary: At the end of series three, the Doctor and the Master end up travelling together and totally manage not to destroy each other or the universe. More or less. Meanwhile, Martha gets a job offer from UNIT, Jack fails to realise his team are a bit useless, and there's a giant squid for no good reason whatsoever.

Rating: PG-13, mostly, as far as I can tell for these things.

Index post for the series

11 - The Vampire Squid: In which there is a blood-sucking cephalopod.

11 - The Vampire Squid
AoS Coulson+Skye OTP


Title: Warmth
Author: Persiflage_1
Characters/Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Martha
Rating: G ? It's a romance, not pron.
Spoilers: The Shakespeare Code
Summary: The Doctor looks after Martha.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns "Doctor Who" - if they didn't, Martha wouldn't have been banished to Cardiff !
Author Notes: The other day trinity_tragedy showed me a photo manip she'd done of Ten and Martha at the Globe, and the Ten!Bunny bit me – but not very hard. Then today we were discussing the pic and I said I was thinking of using it as my laptop wallpaper, and she very kindly made me a wallpaper out of the photo, which you can see here. I duly put it on my desktop and about an hour later, Ten!Bunny bit me again, but harder. This ficlet is the result – and it's a thank you to trinity_tragedy for a fab wallpaper.


Warmth this way
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Two anomalies (what’re the odds?)
Author: thirteenlives
Fandom: Doctor Who, Life On Mars
Characters/pairings: Martha Jones, Sam Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Gene Hunt, Sam/Martha
Rating: M
Spoilers: general series 3 for Doctor Who, 2x08 of Life On Mars
Word count: 2,042
Warnings: Character death, images not advised for squeamish readers
Summary: The TARDIS team find themselves in 1973 and soon discover that they aren’t the only ones “out of their time”
A/N: I think I promised some people that my next Doctor Who/ Life On Mars crossover would have a happy ending, but I’m afraid this one went off on a different tangent. Still, enjoy.

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