August 23rd, 2007

tea-serving penguin

Prompt battle

So, last week we on smith_n_jones had a Ten/Martha porn battle. Porn was written. Porn was appreciated. A fine time was had by all. Then I thought "but there are so many other delicious Martha pairings - and, indeed, Martha gen ideas - that could be written too!" And so I asked the mods of this lovely comm if I could attempt a do-over on here.


The Martha Porn Prompts Battle (Which Doesn't Have To Be Porny But By All Means Feel Free)

How this works:
This is the prompts post. You comment with as many prompts for fic as you like - gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, crossovers, weird crack - anything so long as it stars Martha Jones and doesn't go against the comm rules. A prompt could be a pairing and a single word, a line of poetry or music lyric, a scenario ("Martha flies the TARDIS", "aliens made us do it", etc), a piece of dialogue, or anything else you think someone might be able to turn into fic.

On Friday I'll collect the prompts into one post. There's no claiming - you pick an idea you like, write a drabble or a ficlet for it (or a full length fic if the muse so strikes you) and post it in the comments.

Anybody want to play? *bats eyelashes*