August 17th, 2007

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Martha Makes Her Move / Recollections

Title: Martha Makes Her Move / Recollections
Author: Persiflage_1
Characters/Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Martha
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Who's taking advantage of whom?
Disclaimer: The BBC owns "Doctor Who" - if they didn't, Martha wouldn't have been banished to Cardiff !
Author Notes: I wrote both of these stories for the "Porn Battle" the smith_n_jones Comm is currently running. The prompts were Ten/Martha - What if the Doctor wouldn't remember his time as John Smith - would Martha make her move and (for "Recollections") Ten/Martha - In the Wardrobe Room - when the plot bunny bit me, he bit me for both so you've got two short stories together.

Martha Jones was counting the days left until she could get out of her maid's uniform and back to the TARDIS. It was still too many she decided as she knocked on the Doctor's study door and went inside with his breakfast tray. She turned and locked the door behind her as usual; he tended not to get dressed until after he'd eaten and although this was a boys' school, and he was not the Doctor but John Smith, she still protected his dignity.
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Fic; Slip of the tongue 1/1

New here and I come bearing a fic; for which I am very, very sorry......

Slip of the tongue
Author: solarflar3
Characters/Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Martha
Rating: Adult.  Very, you have been warned.
Warnings: It's a bit kinky.....
Summary:  A voice rang out; “Do you realise what you have done?”
Disclaimer: I own it all, but only in Pete's world.  Sadly in this universe it all belongs to RTD and the BBC

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New comm: Loves Them All

Announcing a new comm! If  you enjoy most or all of the Doctor Who companions; if you're fascinated by the human drama in New and/or Classic Who; if you believe that every companion who joins the Doctor on the Tardis is special to him; this comm is for you. Old School and New School fans are welcome to stop by for companion-related discussion, fanfic, news, etc.  Newbies welcome!

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Loves Them All