August 6th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

Newest book covers released

I'm I don't think these have been posted here yet (though they may have been, and I've just missed seeing them), but over in the forums on the Freema site, you can see the covers of the third lot of Doctor and Martha books.

That's the ones due to be released on Boxing Day. (Namely Wishing Well by Trevor Baxendale, Peacemaker by James Swallow, and The Pirate Loop by Simon Guerrier)

Summaries of these books can be found at this Doctor Who Online link

New category

Fan fic authors who post at 10/M (a Ten/Martha fan fiction archive), may now post in a new category. Here's the news announcement on the site:

I've decided to open a category that has characters played by David Tennant hooking up with Martha, in the Who-verse. If you've a story where a character that David has played falls for Martha, then you may post it here. However, the Doctor (some Doctor, doesn't have to be ten) needs to be a real character in the story, even if he's not part of it. David's character, Cassanova, for instance, can't reaplace the Doctor, so your story must specify that the Doctor is indeed alive and out there somewhere, or the Doctor can be part of the story with Martha/Cassanova. I hope this made sense. If you have questions, contact me via my author's page, or leave a comment to this news announcement.
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365 Days, 365 Stories.

Back in June an idea was bounced around: Wouldn't it be cool to hear about Martha's travels during "The Year That Wasn't"? From that the 365days_fiction comm was born. Sadly, due to unknown circumstances, the moderator of the comm has deleted her journal and the ficathon seemed to shrivel and die.


It was such an incredible awesome idea that it has been resurrected! telling_a_story is dedicated to telling the story of Martha's incredible journey between "The Sound of Drums" and "The Last of the Time Lords". 365 days, 365 stories. All you have to do is pick a date and tell the story of where you think Martha was and what she was doing.

If you signed up for this ficathon on 365days_fiction your days have been held in reserve until August 15. Any days that are not reclaimed will be released into the wild and eligible for new writers. Sign-ups for Round 1 will be held through August 22, posting begins September 10 and concludes September 17.

For more information visit the rules post at telling_a_story . Claims can be made here

Join us in this incredible challenge of telling the story of "The Year That Wasn't".

Forgiveness - Part Two

And here's Part Two.
Sorry 'bout the length (or lack thereof).

Title: Forgiveness
Author: eryaforsthye
Rating: R (for later parts)
Pairing: Ten/Martha
Disclaimer: Not mine.
SPOILERS for Human Nature & Family of Blood.

Please comment if you want more!

How do you thank someone who only wants one thing?

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Then I let go of everything, into another dimension

Author: bibi_luvs_house
Doctor Who, Life On Mars
Characters/pairings: Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler, Sam/Martha
Rating: PG
Spoilers: gen series 3 of Doctor Who and series 1 of Life On Mars
Word count: 1,221
Warnings: None
Summary: Gene argued as he jabbed his thumb in Sam’s direction. The Doctor shook his head in frustration while Martha and Sam watched in amusement.
“Fine, whatever you say. Let me ask you this though, have you ever wondered how they get those little ships in those bottles?”

A/N: For lookatmoiye7, who suggested the Doctor and the Gene Genie have one of those inane, ridiculous drunken arguments. I tried hun!

(then I let go of everything, into another dimension)

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