August 2nd, 2007

The Doctor's Lament - Part 5

Title: The Doctor's Lament - Part Five, The Partaking
Rating: Teen::13-16
Characters: Ten, Martha, Jack
Summary: Martha is invited to a feast, but receives a terrible shock at the end.

Two massive oaken doors faced her, protected by two guards. Each man had a silver staff that was tipped with a long, curved blade, the edges of which gleamed in the watery sunlight that filtered through the steadily increasing cloud cover. As soon as Giaa and Martha had landed, the guards crossed their staffs, barring their approach to the doors. They stood stiff, silent, staring straight ahead over Giaa and Martha’s heads.

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Still More Dialogs 1/1; Doctor, Martha, Donna; PG

Title: Still More Dialogs 1/1
Author: scarfman
Characters/Pairing: Doctor, Martha, Donna
Rating: G? PG?
Setting/Spoilers: mid Season 2008 (incorporates in passing the Season 2008 development revealed in the RTD sidebar in the FA interview in DWM)
Disclaimer: This work is derivative of property of the BBC. No profit shall be made and no market of the owner(s) is infringed upon.
Betareader: qtrhorserider
Summary: This time she's ready.
So far all my Season 2008 speculation fiction has posited that Martha was brought by circumstances to call the Doctor before she felt ready. What if instead it was he who didn't feel ready yet (and may never be, really)? Also, what if Martha and Donna didn't bond instantly? More story fragments dialogs.
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It hadn't been very bright not to suppose the Doctor would move on with his life too, and things were going to be more complex than she thought.