July 29th, 2007

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100 Doctor Who S3 Icons

15 « 3x00 Runaway Bride
13 « 3x01 Smith and Jones
07 « 3x02 The Shakespeare Code
01 « 3x03 Gridlock
21 « 3x04/3x05 Daleks of Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks
01 « 3x06 The Lazarus Experiment
02 « 3x07 42
05 « 3x09 Family of Blood
08 « 3x10 Blink
02 « 3x11 Utopia
10 « 3x12 Sound of Drums
15 « 3x13 Last of the Time Lords

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Series 3 box set covers

amazon.co.uk are currently listing TWO covers for the series 3 box set. Neither of them has a picture on the site yet but a cover featuring the Master is clearly listed as a limited edition alternative cover (standard and limited edition) so there are already at least two versions of the cover in production. The previous series 2 box set was reversible and showed the Doctor with Rose on one side and the season's main villains on the other side so I'm not drawing any conclusions until I've seen both sides of the series 3 box set and all the variant covers, although I do note that the BBC shop currently has Martha prominently featured on their page header (and it's been reported in two national newspapers that Martha action figures are selling extremely fast).
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Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate in (UK) Glamour magazine

Both women were featured in the Glamour Women of the Year issue in July, and since I haven't seen these pics or interviews around, I grabbed the magazine and pulled out my scanner.

Four scans -- a small inset in the editorial pages, an interview with Freema and a full-page photo, and an interview/photo with Catherine.  There's very little here that we haven't heard already, but the photos are awesome.