July 26th, 2007

Jean Seberg

Tell us about your Martha happy place

This is a question I asked in my LJ, but I thought I'd bring it over here, because we could all use some during this long dry spell.

What are your Martha happy places -- the Martha-related moments that makes you smile? They can be past, present, or future; canon from an episode or book, non-canon from fic or your imagination, or spec about the future.

I'll put mine under a cut on the off chance that it's too spoilery.

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DLM: Frankenfruity


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First off, I would like to credit the mods at time_and_chips for this most excellent idea.

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Hi there. I hope this pimping post is allowed. I did read the rules and they didn't say. If it's not, please accept my apologies and delete. If it is...

I've just created a shipping community for The Master/Martha Jones ship. It's all very bare-bones at the moment but if your curious and think you'd like to join the fun, please come over to wouldbewrong. It would be fantastic to have you on board. :)

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I was poking through Cafepress.com, which offers customised clothes, buttons and so on, when I thought I'd see what people had designed for Martha:
http://www.cafepress.com/buy/Martha%20Jones/-/cfpt2_/cfpt_/source_searchBox/copt_ (hopefully this works?)

And if it doesn't..the only design available is 'Martha is the tin dog'. 

Not good.

Can any more artisically minded lj'rs think of something better for them to sell?!?

Doctor/Martha Fic Archive!

I have created a fanfic archive dedicated exclusively to DocTha fics. Much like FF.net you simply register and then post and manage your own fics. If you'd like to join, post, or just read the fics there here's the link:


Please keep in mind I just opened a couple of days ago, so we only have 5 members and 5 fics, hopefully some authors here will join and post those wonderful fics. Also as a side note the background that you see when you go to the site is the 'Martha' background, there are two more, which you can switch to through the drop down box to the right in the 'archive stats' section.