July 25th, 2007

We'll Always Have 1913 - Part 3

Title: We'll Always Have 1913
Pairing: Ten/Martha
Rating: General
Summary: John is confronted about Martha, Tim reveals a secret,
and Martha dreams of returning to the stars...

What made it all the more difficult was knowing Martha felt the same for him. He saw it in her eyes, the temptation to give in to their desire visited her every day, yet she fought it. He’d felt the longing in the kiss they'd shared, which had been much too brief. Her lips had been every bit as soft as he’d always imagined on those occasions he'd broken old taboo's and pleasured himself to the small photograph he'd convinced her to pose for just before they'd come to Farringham, or to the memory of the time he’d spied her bathing by a river one summer evening. He felt a distant stirring in his groin as he imagined holding her against a wall, her uniform hiked up, his trousers and pants around his ankles, her legs wrapped around him, thrusting into her, making her cry out each time he—

“Mr. Smith!”

“I’m sorry?” he said, jerking back to himself, his heart pounding as his mind struggled to shift from that delicious fantasy to reality...

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