July 17th, 2007

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Title: Holiday  - Chapter One
Author: evil_hobittess (aka thecrystalkey)
Disclaimer: Do not own anything except the words below in the order they appear.
Rating: Um. PG-13 (for now)
Characters: (Jack, Martha, Torchwood 3)
Warnings: End of S3 DW and S1 Torchwood

Summary: Sequel to Correspondence. As requested, Martha @ Torchwood. As I now have a vague idea where this is going and I'd hit page 8 , I decided to post.



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Feedback is to cookies as strawberries are to ______.

Later days.
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Fic: A Beautiful Friendship (1/1)

Title: A Beautiful Friendship
Author: missscarlett
Rating: PG
Pairing(s) Gwen/Rhys, references to Gwen/Owen
Summary: Martha Jones is still quite new to Torchwood, but Gwen Cooper is already thankful for the extra addition to the team.
Author Notes: This is just a short gen friendship piece. I'm unsure where the inspiration came from or what to make of the finished product. It's fluff, really. I don't read Torchwood fic so hopefully this idea hasn't been done to death already. Fic contains giant spoilers for all of season one of Torchwood, especially the finale episodes, and for season three of Doctor Who.

Link to fic

(Cross-posted to dwfiction and torch_wood.)

Fan Fic: The Truth About Martha Jones - Doctor/Martha

Characters/Pairing: The Doctor/Martha, Future Companion - Ryan
Rating: PG
Length: 7194 words
Disclaimer: I dont own anything.......
Spoilers: All of Series Three.......
Huge thanks to:pandacineaste for proof-reading this and the awful first draft....this is a much better story thanks to you.
Summary: Basicaly the story of the 13th Doctor and his companion, Ryan - who is determined to discover the truth about Martha Jones. This takes place in the same universe as this fic. Enjoy!

The Doctor thought about that for a second. “Well, this might be a little late but - Martha Jones was my companion, she was a Doctor, a Mother, a Champion, an Ambassador, and my best friend.”


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Fic: Ghosts from the Past

Title: Ghosts from the Past
Author: slayersgrl
Rating: PG
Summary: Timelines intersect and the past meets the future. Martha makes a new friend and the Doctor encounters an old one.
Disclaimer: Utterly and completely not mine.
A/N: I've been desperately trying to get this written for a while. And many thanks to mtemplar for the beta!

"As Martha's eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light of her new accommodations, she swung around to make one last plea to the guard."