July 12th, 2007

The Doctor's Lament - Part 4

Sorry it's been so long for this next chapter, but my enthusiasm was dampened for a bit with news of Martha's time being cut in season 4 of the show. I do want to finish this story, though, so here's the next installment.

Title: The Doctor's Lament
Pairing: Ten/Martha
Rating: Teen::13-16
Summary: Martha receives bad news, while The Doctor makes a happy discovery concerning the bones delivered by Bej.


“Bej,” said the Doctor. “Come in.”

“Is there room for all three of us?”

“Quite,” said the Doctor, stepping back.

Bej entered the TARDIS, saw the size of the room inside, and did what so many did before him. He stepped back out to survey the outside of the blue box, and then back in.

“How strange,” Bej said, his eyes roving excitedly over the room. “It’s—”

“—bigger on the inside,” the Doctor and Jack finished with him.

Rest is here
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medical education in the UK question

Help the silly American--based on what we see in the series, would it be reasonable to say that Martha is in her last year of medical school proper, the "exams" she keeps referring to are her finals, and that once she passes she'll start on her provisional year?
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Title: First Impressions
Author: killerspork33 aka Sara
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: vaguely Martha/Ianto && Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Nothing specific but references back to the S3 finale of DW
Summary: "The new favorite, the better doctor, and Jack’s newest conquest and confidant. That's what you see me as."
Note: Quck drabble that takes place in the same universe as Early Mornings, Melting Eyeballs and Office Romance although it's a prequel so it's not necessary to read that one first. It doesn't hurt, though.

The first time that Ianto Jones saw Martha, really saw her, he had known that she would change everything.

Fic: Doctor/Martha

Characters/Pairing: Doctor, Martha, a little donna in the begining
Rating: G
Length: 936 words
Disclaimer: I dont own anything.......
Spoilers: All of Series Three.......

Summary: This is my fangirlish wish for the end of series four. Although in reality I am under the impression that ten will regenerate at the end, donna will leave, and Martha will help make the transition to eleven. This fic is about the end of series four, Martha has rejoined the TARDIS Team to defeat Davros (dont ask how or why.....I have no idea - I just read theories on OG and ran with them) Donna leaves, and the Doctor and Martha are left to figure out their situation.
'I only returned to help defeat Davros, just save world and get back home to my family.' She thought this as she stared at him, his hair was sticking up in every which direction, he had an undistinguishable look on his face, but his eyes were dancing. 'Come with me'. They beckoned to her, warm and inviting luring her back into his world.
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