July 10th, 2007

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Fanfic pimping

Found this fic via who_daily, and have been given permission by the author to pimp here:

Title: Where Ever I May Roam
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG. For language, mostly.
Spoilers: Post-S3. And features That Companion Spoiler for S4.
Summary: In which there are phone calls, text messages, friends who let friends drunk-dial and Torchwood.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
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Dr Who - IA River/Eleven

The Last Dodo

I'm pretty sure it's been discussed here briefly in the past because I think I followed a link posted here to Freema's official website, where I first heard a snippet of it - but has anybody else here heard Freema reading Jacqueline Rayner's 'The Last Dodo'? I just had to fangirl.

I haven't finished listening yet but I love her more than I did before I started listening after just one disc's worth. It was a good choice to give her to read, what with a lot of it being told from the point of view of Martha herself talking to the reader - and you do feel like Martha just sat down to have a companionable chat with you in a few spots - but I have to say, I'm so very impressed by her reading of the Doctor. Totally got the giggles over it, but she completely has David's speech patterns down pat and I'm absolutely loving it.

So yeah. Even if audiobooks aren't usually your thing (they're not generally mine - I prefer reading an actual paper book), I do think this is worth a try.
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Fic: I'll See You Again - Doctor/Martha

Title: I'll See You Again
Characters/Pairing: Doctor, Martha, Donna
Rating: PG - just a little language
Length: 1458 words
Disclaimer: I dont own anything.......
Spoilers: All of Series Three.......

Summary: A short piece about The Doctor and Donna running into Martha Jones two years after the events in Last of the Time Lords. 

Donna raised in eyebrow in disbelief. “ ‘and you, Martha Jones’ is that all you have to say? After all these months of griping about how she never called as promised, and spending endless nights opening and closing that damn phone -all you can say is ‘and you, Martha Jones'?!"
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Hi! Just a quick hit and run

Hi! I just joined. *waves to voicelikehoney* I'm a long time Doctor Who fan and I'm totally smitten with  Freema Agyeman. I'm loking forward to reading your fan fics and maybe my muse will inspire me to write some too. Nice to meet you all! All my stats are on my profile.
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Arthur/Gwen: The Prince & The Handmaiden

Freema Agyeman in TV Guide

The tidbit: from TV Guide July 16-22, 2007.

Fresh Faces----Meet Nine New Reasons To Stay Inside This Summer. They May Not Keep You Cool For Summer, But They Sure Are Pretty To Look At.

#8 Freema Agyeman

Fresh Sidekick
Freema Agyeman

Plays Med Student Martha Jones on Sci Fi Channel's Doctor Who

Thanks to her new role, Agyeman gets to combine two of her biggest dreams----being a doctor and being on Doctor Who. "Growing up, I watched the series, so the new version was something I desperately wanted to be involved in. I landed a small role and the character died, but I didn't care! Then, as fate would have it, I was given an opportunity to audition for the new companion." Jackpot!

The little snippet was accompanied by the image of Freema @ the Monte Carlo Film Festival sitting on that hot pink couch.
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Fic: Yesterday Is Gone (1/1)

Title: Yesterday Is Gone
Author: missscarlett
Rating: PG
Pairing: The Master/Martha Jones
Summary: She's his now, almost completely. Almost.
Author Notes: If you've not already, please read Trophy first as this fic is a sequel that will otherwise make absolutely no sense. This story is about as AU as you can get, set in the same universe and a good time after the events of "Trophy". I suppose it has mild spoilers for Utopia.

Link to fic

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