July 9th, 2007

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Martha the Hero

I've been rather surprised by some of the criticisms made of Martha's story-arc, particularly the conclusion of the series in Last of the Time Lords. I adore Martha and I feel her story so far has been successful, and overall very positive. So there is rambling and only slightly ranty meta on why this is so over at my journal:

Martha the hero and Last of the Time Lords as a feminist story

Comments are very much welcomed. Naturally there are spoilers for LotTL in that post.
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Vote Freema! (Again)

Voting for the National Television Awards is now open, and Freema has been nominated for Most Popular Actress for her role as Martha.

Also up for awards are David Tennant and John Barrowman (Most Popular Actor), Doctor Who and Torchwood (Most Popular Drama), and a number of other Doctor Who connected shows and actors for other roles.

Voting is until 3rd August, and the awards are announced in October.

Good luck to Freema, and vote away guys!
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Did you know about New Testament Martha?

Because until just now, when I found out by tooling around the Internet  looking up stuff relating to biblical allegory in DW, I didn't know who New Testament Martha was.  And man, do I feel stupid for not  thinking to look it up sooner.

If you did know, feel free to come on over to my LJ and point and laugh. Because I'm thinking I deserve it.

If you don't know, and you're in any way interested in this type of thing, come on over and find out. Because it really blew my mind.

Who is the New Testament Martha?
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FIC: When Jackie Met Donna: How Martha Jones Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Doctor-Slapping (1/?)

Title: When Jackie Met Donna: How Martha Jones Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Doctor-Slapping (1/?)
Pairings/Characters: Martha, Ten, Donna, Jackie. Ten/Martha in later parts.
Rating: PG-13? (for language and later leeway)
Spoilers: through "The Last of the Time Lords."

Summary: See title. Started out a crackfic but inexplicably developed Serious Bits and a plot.
Warnings/Notes: Plot, Rose references. (They're part of Jackie's characterization and Martha's arc; neither Rose nor Rose/Ten will appear anywhere in the fic.)
MANY MANY THANKS to my lovely betas te_non_sum and malaleen for letting me flail at them and for whipping me into shape.
Feedback appreciated; concrit loved and fed and called George.

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( fake cut to Part One: Cat-herding, and Sodding Martians )