July 7th, 2007

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Fic: Sting in the Tail

Newbie here. I come bearing fic.

Author: davidbrider. That's me.
Title: Sting in the Tail
Characters: Ten/Martha
Rating: Dunno, but I'd say adults only.
Spoilers: You're kidding, it probably doesn't even fit in with continuity. Well, I suppose there's a pretty major spoiler for Smith & Jones, 'cos like, the Doctor's travelling with this medical student called Martha Jones...
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is copyright the BBC, who probably wouldn't like what I've done with it.
A/N: This was a response to a fic challenge - someone suggested, "Martha spanking the Doctor", and idiot here made the mistake of thinking about it and the muse hit in. It's undeniably smut fic, and probably (if I had any real understanding of the term) crack fic.

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Fic: Breaking Point (Chapter 3)

Title: Breaking Point (Chapter 3)
Spoilers:  Sound of Drums
Rating:  PG 
Summary:  Here come the drums! All hell has broken loose.  And nobody can do a thing about it.
Author's Note:  I hadn’t intended for this to go beyond the original 2 chapters, but thanks to fantastic feedback (which is all truly appreciated!) and people requesting more, I’ve cranked out another chapter and hope to continue sporadically with perspectives from other characters.
Thanks a million for the support.

Chapter 3: Perspectives  at my LJ


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Fic: The Secret Life of Jane Austen

Title: The Secret Life of Jane Austen
Characters: The Doctor, Martha Jones, Jane Austen.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for The Last of the Timelords.

Summary: Inspired by a line in the third season finale. The Doctor and Martha reunite temporarily to visit a classic author, and find out more about her than they could have ever guessed. Could be considered slightly cracky, but hey, this is a fandom where Shakespeare and Dickens have helped battle aliens.

Beta’d by the stellar catlover2x

("I shall dream of the two of you, travelling the galaxy in this little blue box.")
Jack/Jack 2

Doctor Who/Torchwood - fic - Artemis, Jack/Martha, 12

Title - Artemis
Author - laurab1
Rating - 12
Characters/Pairings – Jack/Martha, TW3
Length - 590 words
Summary - “I missed you, too. Tour. Show me your lair,” Martha replies.
Spoilers – Day One, Ghost Machine, Blink to The Last of the Time Lords, Torchwood S2
Disclaimer – alas, none of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

"Lair. I like the sound of that."Jack holds out his hand to her, smiling wickedly.
Jongkey on stage

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Title: Early Mornings, Melting Eyeballs and Office Romance
Author: killerspork33 aka Sara
Rating: PG
Warnings: talk of shagging, exploding bodies and nagging.
Pairings/Characters: Martha/???, Owen
Spoilers: Nothing major but it's best to have seen all of TW and DW.
Summary: Martha came into work glowing, Owen is determined to find out who has had that effect on her and there is a corpse with melted eyeballs. Just a normal day in the hub.

Oh my God, did his eyes melt?
dream arthur eames

In the Early Morning 1/1

I hope I'm doing this right :)

This was written for the Get Martha Jones Shagged challenge put out a few weeks ago.

Sexual Partners
Tom Milligan

Sexual Kinks
Oral Sex


Title: In the Early Morning
Pairing: Martha Jones/ Tom Milligan
Summary: In the early morning, Tom coaxes and Martha responds.
Rating: NC-17, explicit sex
A/N: I particularly like this fic, for not having written het in eons, it seems. :) Enjoy!

The white bedclothes were sharply bright against her smooth brown skin as they curled possessively round her, draping her frame like the sacred wrapping reserved for some long lost ancient goddess.
Sad Martha

FIC: Silence

Title: Silence
Author: dryhumpronda
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Martha.
Timeline: Picks up right at the end of TLotTL and then a few weeks later.
Summary: Things seem pretty quiet at home when you've gotten used to traveling back and forth through time.
Notes: Just a little something that came to me when I was trying to go to sleep last Sunday. This is my first fic for any fandom in five years, so I hope it's at least halfway decent! I had the most fabulous beta reader in ponygirl72! I know I've thanked you about twelve times already, but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And, really, who doesn't love praise? ;)

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