July 6th, 2007

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Fanfic: Ménage à TARDIS, the Sequel (Martha, Donna, Ten; R/NC-17; set midway through Season 4)

I hadn’t written any actual fanfic in years, and yet, days after dashing off the first chapter of what I’d intended to be a complete story, the plot possibilities refused to leave me alone, unless I continued spinning these threads. The original installment is posted on my LiveJournal.

Summary: Martha Jones, Donna Noble and the Doctor trade tales as they get ever closer …
Rating: R/NC-17.
Spoilers: BBC announcements one and two on Doctor Who Season 4.
Notes: Consistently smutty throughout, with touches of melodrama, lots of awful jokes, and an unnecessary plethora of pop culture references.

Underwear & the Internet: Fake-cut to my LiveJournal …
DLM: Frankenfruity

Reminder and announcement

Today is the last day you can still vote for your favorite layout from our competition.. If you want to have your say on what this community will look like, please cast your vote.

Also, due to the poll regarding the chat, it was clear that people would like to continue with the activity. It was a little less clear about when it should take place, but ultimately it was voted that people wanted to continue the chat at the same time on Sundays. However, if someone is interested in having chats on Friday nights, all they need to do is use the lifeonmartha name for an AIM room. Also if someone else would like to take charge of a Friday night post-episode chat, I would be more than willing to help you get started.
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FANVID: Have You Met Miss Jones?

Title: Have You Met Miss Jones?
Music: Have You Met Miss Jones? - Robbie Williams
Created by: apple_scruff
Details: .wmv, 2:37, 16mb
Theme: Martha Jones and Ten.
Comments: So, this is my first fanvid ever. I tried it once before and it never got anywhere, but I've actually completed this one to somewhat satisfaction. I love Robbie Williams and this song and thought I would be clever by combining them when really I'm the last on the planet to make that connection. Since it is my first vid constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Would anyone mind being a beta reader for me? I've just finished a Martha/Ten fic, and since the last time I wrote fic was 2002, I could certainly use the extra pair of eyes.

*Hope this is ok, mods!*
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Drabble Fic: Day One - Again (Martha and Gwen)

Title: Day One - Again
Characters: Martha, Gwen mention of Jack.
Rating: Suitable for all i.e. there be no secks or swears.
Spoilers: Err, if you turn your head and squint there might be for Last of The Timelords.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Russell T Davies owns the rights to the character of Martha Jones. And Gwen.
A/N: Small drabble on how I think Gwen might react to Martha. Oh, and I also assume that ‘the year that never was’ had a big effect on Miss Jones and she gets a bit emo a la Jack in TW S1.

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