July 5th, 2007

Doctor/Martha Video Tribute ~ This is Your Life

Song: This is Your Life
Artist: Switchfoot

Set to the song "This is Your Life" The video depicts how Martha and The Doctor go their seperate ways because neither are who they want to be at that point in their journey together.

This is the first of four Doctor/Martha Series Three Tributes I plan to edit before the week is out, All of the Tributes will be capped with the goodbye scene from Last of the Time Lords.

I also want to thank everyone here for being a nice change from the craziness at OG, and taking the time to leave comments on all the vids I posted. I hope to post the next three vids before the week is over and I look forward to re-joining the fandom when Martha returns next year. Enjoy!

*comments are love*
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Doctor Who - Animated Angel

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A few weeks ago, I did a poll of favorite episodes by episode number (e.g. comparing the season openers, etc.) Now that season three has finished, I'm curious to compare. This compares the first three seasons of New Who only. (Crossposted liek whoah.)

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Fic: Correspondence (post LotTL)

Just a thing in my head that won't go away. I'm quite proud of it, actually. Though I do kinda bash UNIT a bit, so UNIT-lovers beware. I don't think this counts towards the ficathon but I couldn't wait to post it.
May get posted to Teaspoon and/or ff.net in due time. Planning to cross-post to  jackmartha and marthajonesfic. Bit long, but there you go.

Title: Correspondence
Author: evil_hobittess (aka thecrystalkey)
Disclaimer: Do not own anything except the words below in the order they appear.
Rating: Um. PG-13?
Warnings: some swearing but nothing horrible

Summary: A series of emails between those left behind... (Post LotTL)

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Enjoy. Feedback is like cookies. Love.
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Marth's blog on Infinity

Just realised there's a blog entry between The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. It mainly talked about the animated story, and how it was tied into the main series, but it also talked about the other advantures Martha had with the Doctor. Considering that's 3 advantures we never saw on screen, we can safely say those are the books that will be released later this year.

Very interesting, huh? :D